The Taurus guy Im seeing

By cerseiJune 19, 2022 6:34am — 23 replies
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What is the purpose of a 2nd Saturn Return?
apparently i m in one this year just about now and i m not quite sure the purpose while according to grupovenus there are 3 points in march august amp november 2022 i get i m in an in between place in life time for some sort of transformation
Apologising and servicing
what natal placements planets or house in your chart not theirs would indicate 1 someone is willing to do things for you without being asked acts of service such as doing work for you buying you dinner spending extra time with you to help you
Libras Women Are The Worst
libras are the worst sign for women aside from their looks they are the most unreliable most insecure most passive people ever don t even attempt to get their opinion on anything they ll give you the most vague and plain answers ever it can be something
What sign makes you feel used?
i suggest the earth signs especially taurus and virgo scorpio and libra as close second either sun and moon
Moon in Aquarius and Moon in Libra
if you ve either of these moons how do you relate to the other one
do you feel the effects of your houses...? (houses in your birth chart)
so until a few days ago i didnt know a single thing about houses in astrology but just out of curiosity i decided to look up the houses my planets were in my question is are we supposed to feel like the signs that rule these houses for exampl
Leo man FWB or...
i am very confused so i need some advice i met a leo man whom i was meeting over the weekends and spent the weekends together we also had a 4 day vacation together - his idea but each time he said how great friends we are he admitted that he shared t
Insights to reading Past Life Connection for Lovers in Astrology
this video gives a crash course on how astrologers decipher your past-life connection with your partner by reading both your natal charts this video is more geared towards romantic partners https youtu be kasjlhsnfmw
House Systems
just curious to see what house division systems everyone here uses personally i learned on placidus but switched to whole sign a few years ago as i found it more accurate for me i was born so far north that in placidus my chart was just engulfed in m