When a man cries?

By Piscis_HominisJune 9, 2020 8:30pm — 19 replies
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Trine Elements
If you have two planets that Trine one another, will they always have placements in two signs of the same element? E.g. Scorpio and Pisces, or Leo and Sagittarius.
what in synastry
makes someone excessively interested/obsessive or passionate about you? (not necessarily sexual/romantic) but they tend to study you and follow you around like you can talk about the most random, boring thing and they just keep on gravitating towards
Which smells do you associate with your moon sign?
Moon in Taurus (in 2nd) ~ Venus ruled Vanilla ~ warm and sensual Sandalwood ~ earthy Lavender and Melissa ~ feminine (Venus) *~*~*~💚~*~*~*
True Node ???
This is what is said about the True Node North Node (or True Node) The true node, also known as the north node, is your karmic direction in this lifetime. Like a lighthouse, it points the way towards your destiny. When you reach for your dragon's head, t
Should I move to Atlantis?
As far as astrology goes, I learn as I go, and when I get interested in something I tend to absorb a lot and then move on to something else, which sort of goes along with what all the Pisces in me, so to speak. So... Me... Pisces Sun Pisces Moon Pisces
creepy synastry
what astro vibe are you getting from this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROg4MoaAXvY coz i sometimes get this vibe from someone but sadly, nobody else but me seems to notice this person following me around what's the creepiest synastry you've ever e
prominence of saturn/pluto aspects
discovered something extremely interesting here recently, while studying some transits i noticed there occured a conjunction between saturn and pluto when these planets interact it usually symbolizes tyranny, corruption, abuse of power. i know this is a
Sun, Moon, or Asc.?
Which placement is a truer representation of your personality in your opinion? Do you agree with the notion that the moon is actually more representative of your soul, unfiltered?
do you believe
in the cancer/aquarius connection? share your thoughts pls.