Which signs are the best at moving on?

By HamstheticsApril 4, 2021 12:18pm — 39 replies
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ive been thinking of this placement in my chart over the last year and been experiencing some heavy aspects of it on a personal level it feels like this deeply internalized wound surrounding people and relationships being afraid of relational conflic
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id say capricorn men the evolved ones couldnt care less of what people think about him -is fun to be around or at least not a debbie downer -are not afraid of changes and always open to try new things -doesnt care about status and other material thi
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does anyone have this in their natal chart and if so how was your homelife growing up thanks
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this isn t exact as i don t have full info sun aries moon libra mercury aries venus taurus mars gemini jupiter leo saturn aquarius uranus amp neptune capricorn pluto scorpio north node capricorn
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hello everyone although i have a quite good knowledge in astrology i wanted to see the relastic opinion of other people since i cant seem to make up my own mind these days this is a synastry and a composite between me and another person i know the
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most liked mars in taurus probably my favorite mars in other people they are very chill grounded patient and know their strength had the least problems with people with this mars its like we see each other eye to eye and mutually agree to stay ou
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