Which Zodiac pairings when the men/women love harder?

By HamstheticsOctober 2, 2020 7:54pm — 85 replies
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moon vs venus
safety vs love style i've read too that you're at 'your best' when you love the way your venus would want you to. in my case, by providing lots of freedom, respect, genuine friendship and support. but if you're 'forced' to tap into your moon, that woul
where’s your venus?
mine is in libra, 5th house. :) conjunct my sun (virgo) does this make me a narcissist?
Giving love, not getting it back
This is difficult to type, but I've realized I was angry with a lot of people and maybe hurt and I figured out it was down to showing love and not getting it in return. Attending someone's birthday and they wouldn't attend mine (or anyone else's) as they
Other than Scorpio women, which Zodiac sign like pretending to be a Pisces?
Which Zodiac sign woman like pretend that they would be faithful to Capricorns? [img]https://i.ibb.co/7Q7ftS6/20200930-050019.jpg[/img]
Full Moon Senses
For 2 years or so that I feel the full moon vibes one or two days before. I don't know where the full moon will occur, my memory is awful for that stuff. So today again, I'm feeling very strong vibes, which makes me much more aware and I can solve any pr
What is a grand trine and what do mine mean?
I have never heard of a grand trine but discovered I have a few and would like to know what they mean. Any help would be appreciated. http://imgur.com/gallery/NvCMuav
Your Problem Placement
The problem child that gets you in those situations where you coulda swore you knew better. Which placement in your chart is the most unruly child of the bunch? For me? My Leo Venus...gotta keep that fucker in its cage.
Leo somethings-are you generous?
Whether you have Leo moon/rising/Sun/in wherever.. do you find yourself prone to random generosity or getting the urge to? I don't know if it's a bad thing but I guess it's a good thing. Jlo always gifting her boyfriends brand new cars lol.
most common couples
Stealing thunder like whatever -- in the spirit of the most rare thread, what are the most common ones? i'm not interested in flukes or luck, what are the proven, tried and true pairings?