Why do tauruses judge a book by the cover?

By Saphire01January 22, 2022 6:13am — 36 replies
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i never met people that hated sun signs so much the problem is they over analyze other placements like the sun isn t one of the most important parts they also get mad when you don t fit a stereotype for example i commented on a post where somebody said m
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a k a aries mooners how do you deal with your loss are you happy to be an aries mooner
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according to astrolibrary com this particular fraction of the particle explains it all to my case sun in 2nd house synastry overlay the sun in the partner s second house of a synastry overlay makes the house person a valuable asset to the sun person
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it is said that your 8th house ruler signifies your sexuality as well as the point of sexual attraction in your chart what is yours and do you feel like it s pretty accurate i feel like mine is very accurate i would say it describes my sexuality pr
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so i met someone and i was able to find his birth time to do a natal chart he is sag and i am cancer which would normally mean were not that compatible however we are both sagittarius rising we both have moon in cancer my venus is in cancer and his
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and does it resonate more with you sun moon placement or dominant sign
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