Your 8th house ruler

By cerseiJanuary 11, 2022 8:33am — 38 replies
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Do you believe in cusps?
i know its heavily debated but do you believe if youre 29 degrees of a sign you want to be the next sign and maybe give vibes similar to that sign some 29 degree libra examples are kim kardashian catherine deneuve and jeff goldblum honestly i
Why are Libra women so powerful?
from thatcher gillard and now harris even though people say they lack emotional intelligence sensitivity and depth does that mean brain-power alone is enough to control this world
Moon conj Lilith in sinastry
as most astrology lovers i know that venus conj lilith is often considered as the worst sinastry aspect at the same time there is also moon conj lilith aspect which is said to be not very fortunate as well but actually it is sort of light version of
Cancer and Sagittarius suns but compatible moons and Venus
so i met someone and i was able to find his birth time to do a natal chart he is sag and i am cancer which would normally mean were not that compatible however we are both sagittarius rising we both have moon in cancer my venus is in cancer and his
How do people closest to you describe you?
and does it resonate more with you sun moon placement or dominant sign
Moon square venus (man in natal chart and in synastry with me)
anyone who has this placement in natal chart how does it feel for you i googled it and read struggle in relationships never satisfied fully is that correct
Why don’t I get along with water signs?
even though my moon mercury and mars are in water signs i just don t get along with them even if things are nice in the beginning it always goes terrible and we stop speaking instantly we usually go from getting along to not liking each other why is this
Saturn being an a$$hole
we can all relate https www youtube com watch v wptliruczs0
The number 2 brings death in my family. Why?
hello and thank you in advance for taking the time and answer this i have no idea how numerology works however i am trying to find out if this has a meaning or its a pure and simple coincidence i know this is an astrology forum but any help is much
Hi Everyone
i haven t been on here in a long time but i started missing everyone and dxp merry christmas and happy new year to all of you btw