Next World Superpower

By bmoon8November 22, 2021 10:31pm — 102 replies
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Manchin and Sinema
https fivethirtyeight com features kyrsten-sinema-is-confounding-her-own-party-but-why firstly anyone that thinks the government is under the peoples control is not living in reality corporate donors are who dictates the actions of our politici
84 Million Americans to be Vaxxed
the biden administration published its vaccinate mandate for businesses on thursday setting a jan 4 deadline in line with healthcare workers and employees of federal contractors the administration said it was on strong legal grounds with the rule wh
Biden Considering to Pay Immigrants $450k
oh boy the gop is pissed about this which happened during one of the worst presidents of america s tenure the biden administration is considering issuing payments to immigrant families that were separated at the southern border under the trump adminis
How much Bitcoin will I need to survive the future?
those things cost almost 50k a pop
I really think there is some sinister stuff going on.
i was reading up on the pluto return of the us and the age of aquarius as pluto goes from capricorn to aquarius as an american i have to say that what has happened since the election of trump and onwards has made me not just lose all trust in the system
Critical Race Theory
are you for or against critical race theory being taught in public schools why or why not
The 'America First' Caucus
so for those not in the know hard-right house of representatives republicans plan to form an america first caucus to promote the policies of ex-president donald trump and are slated to release a policy platform in the days to come the partys main go
Social Media monopolies are a problem |Trump's Ban
whatever political view you have or whether you agree with the ban or not there is a serious problem this exposes these guys were nice enough to put it into words that everyone can agree on a deeper issue that is bigger then trumps ban itself thoughts