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  • Posted by GemCurio
    Posted by Muderface
    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ You funny guy! Hahaha Ok I managed to reply back once I did the breathing thing you said to calm my farm down hahaha
    I thanked him for being open with me and kept the message light and optimistic. Gah! I just wish I could take all his worries and pain away...Hes such a beautiful person that deserves to be happy.
    Btw I'm born Dec 20th and he's Sept 13 lol unfortunately I'm not a Gemini ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Sagittarius woman!!!! OMG You women are dangerous....
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    Oh don't hold back now lol most Sags I've met are ok...don't really connect with many lol My mama is a Gemini ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ you crack me up
  • besarlalluvia
    fishy caught on a hook
    i always confuse gems for sag lol but never the other way around. but iโ€™ve figured the opposition is: gems take info in while sags give it all out.

    sag is about learning and expansion which confused me as iโ€™ve only known them to preach what they believe is true even if they are wrong. but i have aqua mercury and may just like to find the flaws in what they preach so confidently.

    but iโ€™ve figured the expansion thing refers to the risk u take acting on information you donโ€™t know is true, then learning from your own experience. the arrogance iโ€™ve noticed in a few sag suns may be where a sag hasnโ€™t experienced something but still attempts to teach about it.

    geminis however learn from watching others have an experience and this includes manipulating others to learn from their reactions. i guess this is where the lying comes from. gemini gathers all the info it can while using a mask of lies as cover for ignorance. of the geminis i know, one is very preachy and always quoting some proverb or wisdom - but itโ€™s always a quote and never a story of his own.

    ultimately they are both very social chatty signs and that is the connection. the basis/method of socialising are different but the motives on both sides are communication and learning.

    thatโ€™s how i see it anyway. i wanna meet more gems
  • Posted by MissGemmi
    Posted by HeavyEntertainmentShow
    Posted by MissGemmi
    There's a history and long story behind it why I'm not showing it to her. Besides....she's with a virgo now. We all know how that goes down. But I m not sure if she's with the Virgo still.

    I think I'll horrify her, once I become more affectionate. I feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Having her pull back once I try to do so would hurt me so bad.

    That sucks. Is she straight?

    This is pretty much how it went down for me and my guy. Except he was the one who made the first move. But we met 5 years ago and he blew my mind since day 1. Was secretly in love with him for 3 years before he came to me. I fainted on the day he forced the confession out of me lol.

    No she isn't completely straight. She was into females for a while, but she has been with men as well, since we've met. She made the first move on me as well on our first date. Five years ago. She never showed any physical affection after that. We had the habit of kissing each other on the lips. But I've cut that off, because I've felt she didn't want that. I kiss her once on her cheek now when we meet. I think I would faint too or cry of I would confess.

    I got upset with her many times, I was mad at her for making me feel this way. Never told her. I hated the fact i didn't get the attention from her that I wanted. When I got mad, she never knew why and would apologize and ask me what she did wrong...
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    I'm a Gemini and I behave like you when I love someone. Instead of showing affection i get mad out of fear. Don't do this, it backfires.. No one wants to keep fighting or arguing or trying to placate our feelings and it's unwanted drama. When you love someone, show them your love.

    Show her your affectionate side and if it means taking a huge risk and being faced with the option of rejection, face it bravely and do it. At least you will have your answer.

  • Your chart is very similar to Hugh Jackman, he is a libra sun with gemini moon

    His wife (for 20 years) is a Sagittarius

    Sag-libra team is always so strong, its also very hard to break them up, at least this is what I have seen.
  • Jules-ll
    Some days you just step in it...
    female from NY
    Posted by nanobot
    Posted by Jules-ll
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    Posted by pisceswoman123
    Depends. I need some background. What sign are you today?

    My bad, i missed this.

    I'm Libra Big Grin

    with Gemini Moon and a Virgo Venus/Mars
    I say go with your moon, date a Gem. She'll be the extroverted air sign, and the mercury connection will be good for your virgo parts. Big Grin

    I think if anyone banks on a gemini being extroverted per astrological descriptions, they might be sorely disappointed ๐Ÿ˜ Maybe if she had a Leo or Aries moon or something.
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    True. I meant extroverted in a verbal and active way, never met a gemini that wasn't conversive and into hobbies. But none of them have been comfortable being the center of attention...

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