gemini and libra

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  • blacklagoon
    Libra Sun, Aries Moon
    I'm a Libra, he was Gem. Ugh. The mind games. They were fun at first, but then he started playing dirty.. So that was a turn off for me. Libras don't like ugly. So then broke up. After that , we would meet up again every 3 years, and it would all start
  • I am a gem married to a libra/scorpio. I think libras and gems get along pretty good.
  • Elle77
    Sun Gemini, Moon/Asc Leo, Venus/Mars Aries, Mercury Taurus
    That's a flip for me. Lol
  • ladylibra21
    Lovingly Confused, Libra/Scorp Cusp Sun, Merc, Mars, Cancer Moon, Sag Venus
    from CT
    Dont do it Libra, Gem will never be your husband lol

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