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  • Gemini - Cancer Cusp

    Inspired by Mariah; Froggy informed me I am compatible (date) this "cusp" sign. I looked it up and this is what I got: Famous Gemini-Cancer cusps Nicole Kidman: June 20 Meryl Stre

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  • Chuckcem
    Four neighboring signs in four different elements...That's Me...
    It really doesn't matter what his placements are. If you can't communicate respectfully in a relationship, it's going to go to an unhealthy place. Whether or not the relationship is worth fighting for all depends on how many insults and disrespectful remarks you're willing to tolerate. It's also easy to label someone a "narcissist", but it sounds like you both are to blame for this relationship's toxicity.

    That being said, both of your sun and cusp signs are at odds with one another, but also not. Air and fire generally go well together as does earth and water. So your sun (Leo/fire) vibes with his cusp energy (Gemini/air) and his sun (Taurus/earth) vibes with your cusp energy (Cancer/water). It's the other combinations that become problematic.

    For example, this guy is an airy Taurus. Meaning that his attitude may be a bit more flighty and inconsistent than other Tauruses who have less air in their chart. It means he's quick witted and logical, but also cutting with his words. You're a watery Leo, so you're more prone to reacting based on your emotions. This also means your emotional ups and downs can can vary greatly depending on your situation.

    Then on top of that fire (your Leo sun) doesn't always mesh well with earth (his Taurus sun) and water (your Cancer cusp) doesn't always mesh well with air (Gemini cusp). This means that your fights are not just a battle of wills, since both of you have fixed sun signs, but also a clash of opposing perspectives.

    Granted in order to look into this more thoroughly, you would need to divulge the other placements for both of you (Rising, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars). Only so much can be gleaned from just your sun signs (Leo and Taurus w/ Cancer and Gemini cusps). However as I mentioned before, a person's actions are a result of their own free will. While astrology may help you understand how a person may function, it can't tell you their motivations or decisions. That's up to them.

    If you feel that you've been hurt far too often, then you need to voice that. If the two of you can't figure out how to communicate in a way that's not destructive, then it's best to leave the toxicity behind and seek out a healthy relationship.
  • Elliot of the High Scorpios
    "Sun: Scorpio Progressive Sun (Starts at a certain age, depending
    Hahaha crab23 you're crazy and I like you!

    Yea I BET you're a freak, it seems like all Cancers on the Gemini cusps are freeky-deeky to the ultimate. I love it, they're all about being nasty when the lights go to sleep, I want one!

    I'm a Nov. 18 birthday so I have Sag in me (I'm supposedly the type of Scorpio who knows the secrets of the Universe, Depths and Heights!) That's what I've read a few times. If this includes knowing the secrets of perfect sex then I guess all the astrologers were right!! lol smile