Understand The Gemini Man Using Astrology

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    I've been around several Geminis and from what I've interpreted was instead of seeing them as two faced, as many do. I feel that their minds varies from many thoughts, hence, having a full conversation with someone while their subconscious is still running

    I've not been described by others as two faced but you have put into words something I've not been ever able to describe

    " I feel that their minds varies from many thoughts, hence, having a full conversation with someone while their subconscious is still running"

    My mind never stops and I consider everything from all angles. I have like ten thousand conversations going on in my mind. So i tend to say something that I really mean and then it suddenly changes. People find that irksome.

    My mind is running as well. However when I am having conversation with a person - I am focused on THAT particular subject and person.
    Yeah...and I can’t stand Gemini men. Except the one who is sharing same birth day and month...like 2 peas in a pod! That’s weird isn’t it?
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    Lmao (what have I a Gemini man ever do to you)? I guess our minds do tend to race. Just too many thoughts, I guess. Its exhausting at times. I'm not a natural listener and just recently been trying to fix that.
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    For my Pisces girl friend. You have to strike fast. The more you bull butter and do the friend zone thing, the quicker she is at putting in the friend zone herself. People who don’t go after her and nab her quickly get pushed to the side.

    So, you are saying I should do the courting. I am kinda traditional so I don't mind courting.

    What does you "should do the courting" mean?

    My pisces girl is great at communicating. She will message you, Facetime you, send empty bubbles of text and pretend like she did it on accident.

    She has a Leo moon and Aqua Venus. She is super into you in the beginning and if you aren't into her that much, she loves it. You have to be casual and fun. You can give her compliments but she likes being a little confused about knowing if you like her. She is very aggressive when she likes someone and has no issues with sleeping with you.

    BUT.............If shes trying and you play a little hard to get, she will start not liking you (cause she wants her way) and she will friend zone you quick and start moving on to a different guy.

    All this can happen within a few weeks time. She moves extremely fast. She is very loving and all in when she likes you though.

    By courting I mean make the first move...calling...initiating dates...buying flowers etc. I think I am fun and joke a lot. I am outgoing and like to travel. The ex was quiet and said she liked my sense of humor the most. I think I did most of the pursuing.

    What sign are you? A Gemini, right? Yes your talkative ways are great for them. Yes to buying flowers and talking a lot and definitely yes to planning dates. Women in general don't like men to NOT plan something. You're supposed to know what you want to do. My friend has lots of fire and likes taking initiative though, so it may depend on her chart. She will tell you exactly what she likes doing, in hopes that you do it for her.

    She also has no problem calling first, Pisces will always keep in contact for some reason, they don't get bothered with not contacting them first. As long as you don't ignore their calls when they call, you should be good.When she's upset, she will ignore calls and need to cool down some. But if you don't answer, she will blow your phone up wondering what the heck you are doing.

    I'm sure not all Pisces are alike but they don't have any issues at all with keeping in contact with you, they don't have much of an ego when it comes to that. Which is similar to how Gemini's are. When you guys are interested you will find a way to talk and keep the conversation flowing, Pisces are the same.

    I am Gemini. Yea, it sounds like your friend and my ex are really different. She never really responded to my messages right away and needed space sometimes. I did most of the initiating, which was cool. She was really subdued and appeared timid, but really was not once you got to know her.

    Oh well, yes, my friend is like this too. Once she's known you for sometime, it's less exciting. She needs her space too. Countless times, I've seen her look at her phone, roll her eyes, and out it back down. This is why it's easier to let her reach out. My friend has the innocent vibe going for her. People are always fooled by her first impression lol But as you know Pisces women can have 2 sides just like Gemini's. You just don't want to get on that bad side!

    I actually think you guys make a great pair because you are both witty and fun and Pisces love little mind games that Geminis enjoy playing. You guys have fun together. If you've had an ex Pisces, then you should have no trouble landing another? What's the issue?
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    QUESTION IS IM A PISCES GIRL and I really want this Gemini man and he’s playing this on and off sympathy game I just want him to myself . One minute he’s here next he’s gone how do I get him ?! Cause he got
    Me lol
    . I don’t know how cause I never liked him but he did
  • Anyways...I will add to the positivity.

    The only experience I've ever had with Gemini women has been my mother...and I'm pretty sure everyone knows we aren't besties.

    I never really had an opportunity to compare...til now.

    My partner in crime at work is a Gemini. We get along so well we can finish each others sentences. I'm happy to have her since I had such a horrible experience with an aqua late last year.

    The only thing we dont see eye to eye on is politics...so we just dont talk about that.

    She is very loyal...is not afraid to give her opinion and has no problem getting stuff done. She has a Taurus moon...lol.

    She has had a tough life and has always come back up swinging. I like the spunk.

    The only Gemini man I've ever been around was an uncle and he was my favourite.

    I just dont come across a lot of geminis and you guys are fun to poke on dxp. *shrugs*
  • This thread lol....

    Geminis propping themselves up because noone else does it (reminiscent of best of LethalFantasia and Nano threads), the cap selling nice stories hoping he'd get some kitty out of it one day, the aqua trying the same but awkwardly failing because his troubles is something geminis don't really want to hear, ComradeNeptune talking up geminis because she's afraid the dxp seed of doubt sets in and gives her second thoughts about her gemini man (blanketing criticisms with "all haterz yo, they here because they follow the gemini board" lol and not because the thread appears on the top of the first page right?...).....


    Y'all are insecure af. Especially the ones who manage to hide it well behind nice words which they read in some self help books.

  • Yes, had the same issue with a Gemini man. Don't touch this subject maybe? You guys are young, I wouldn't make a problem out of this. You will do fine.