Gemini Moon: Astrology Meaning

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  • Jade_Alexander
    Libra ☀️ Gemini 🌙
    Just for kicks, what type of match would you suggest for someone with my placements and why?

    Libra Sun
    Gemini Moon
    Scorpio Venus
    Capricorn Mars

  • Juliiette
    sun ♋, moon ♊, 🎄
    38 years old female
    Posted by Librasetting777
    Posted by Juliiette
    with cap sun leo moon. after tons of complications i just invited him over. lmao. no we didn't have sex lmao, and he washed my dishes. i was like, you are so seducing me right now lmao!
    ok, he is a bit boring, but so handsome!
    you should of gave him a blow job while he was doing those dishes then he wouldn't of been boring lol
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    next time! i couldn't stop talking. treetrunk my gemini moon. though he is not better lol
  • peachy06
    ♏️ sun ♐️ moon
    Oh but her mum is a Cancer, now that make sense. They like to talk butter behind people's back. And her gemini moon is worse.
  • Whorpio
    Sluttitarius dominant
    22 years old female from The Deep South, USA
    Posted by NelsonSacramento
    Posted by Whorpio
    Avoid people who don’t like you?

    Apparently my bf’s mom is upset with me because I told her some of the things my bf told me about how it’s unfair she is paying him the same amount his brother is being paid to renovate their new business building, even though my bf is more experienced. Apparently she thought that was my judgment of the situation and she started talking butter about me to my bf about how I don’t have right to judge since I ain’t got a job and that I’m using him for money.
    After hearing this I’m apprehensive to spend more time with her. I don’t wanna give her the opportunity to make more judgments about me 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Who’s with me?
    Your mom talked on your back?
    Her sun and moon?
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    Nooo my boyfriends mom.
    She’s a cancer Sun, Gemini moon.
  • Hi guys,

    Not sure if I posted this in the right section but...

    I finally found out the time I was born so I took a chance to do a birth chart. I was trying to understand it but it’s so many planets, placements, along with meanings that is sorta hard for me to understand but here’s some of the main things I got

    Sun: Taurus
    Rising: Gemini
    Moon: Cancer
    Venus: Aries

    I was shocked that my moon is Cancer (which is my emotions?) and Aries in Venus( most shocking). Seems like a weird combo to me but Any who like I said I’m new to this astrology thing as far as I know I am a stubborn Taurus nothing else but all the other placements really has me thinking how it translates into my personality (I’m a female btw) and I was hoping someone here could elaborate more on it!

    Thanks in advance