Understanding Saturn in Gemini using Astrology

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  • GOATAction
    Cap Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini Rising
    Some of you guys have seen me.

    Gemini rising.
    -6 feet tall
    -Kind of have leaned out over the last few months, but not super skinny. Good body mass with Cap influence.
    -Long eyelashes. It's actually the biggest compliment I've received from women over the years.
    -Bushy eyebrows
    -Black hair
    -Ability to grow facial hair quickly (don't think that's a Gem rising quality tho)
    -Dark eyes, sometimes serious looking
    -Famed Saturn ridges in forehead
    -Semi-bad hairline (LeBron-esque)
    -Few moles
    -Semi-serious look (think my heavy Cap and Virgo moon is big cause of this)
    -Very long arms and fingers
    -Good jawline
    -Long arms
  • Fugit

    Here's the jist.

    Wed 11 July, 03:42 AM UT
    Sun 18°49' Cancer
    Moon 21°07' Gemini
    Mercury 15°12' Leo
    Venus 1°10' Virgo
    Mars 7°57' Я Aquarius
    Jupiter 13°21' Scorpio
    Saturn 4°52' Я Capricorn
    Uranus 2°15' Taurus
    Neptune 16°22' Я Pisces
    Pluto 20°03' Я Capricorn
    Chiron 2°24' Я Aries
    True Node 5°56' Я Leo
    True Lilith 28°30' Я Capricorn

    Yeah, screw you fisk. Enjoy being me while I cry in the corner.
  • CopperDove
    Venusian Scorp
    Taurus rising conjunct Saturn (in 12th).

    First house intercepted by Gemini.

    Gemini moon in 1st house.

    Hair: Straight, medium brown, but with sun exposure in the summer there's a reddish cast.
    Eyes: Light blue, almond shaped.
    Height: 5 feet and 3/4 inch, so just under 5'1.
    Face: Heart shaped I guess. High cheek bones and high forehead.
    Skin: White but I tan reasonably well.
    Physique: Slim, toned. I'm proportionally petite with longer legs than torso which makes me seem taller than I am. But, my head is average sized, so that means it's a bit big for my body.

    Matching what is said about Taurus rising, I have a slightly longer than average neck. I don't know if anything else matches, aside from looking calm even if I'm not calm.

  • DMV
    anybody else wanna be a hero? Sag Sun Scorpio Moon Scorpio Merc
    36 years old

    Do any of you ask yourself these questions?

    Why do I hesitate on bringing any relationship public?

    Why wont I allow myself to piss on a tree?

    Why do hide my relationships?

    I actually hate talking about anyone I'm dating for fear of being disappointed and then having to explain to others why things didnt jump off. Its embarrassing.

    Even with the sag, I STILL havent told anyone in the real world about him. Its been 10 years and i still fear disappointment.

    With the Gemini, we are taking a class together and I have not given any clues that we've been "seeing" each other. We havent made it to 1st base. I wonder if he is hurt by this?

    It always seems cheesy and lame to go public with a relationship. Maybe because I've never had a super good guy that I do want to claim?

    Could it be my 5th house stellium?
    12th house synastry?
    Capricorn and saturn placements?
  • Sun - Leo
    Moon - cancer
    Mercury - Gemini or Virgo
    Venus - Taurus or Libra
    Mars - Aries
    Jupiter -Sagittarius
    Uranus - Aquarius
    Pluto - Scorpio
    Neptune - Pisces
    Saturn - Capricorn
    Ascendant - Libra (home to the ascendants)

    Ok now I know this subject has been done before, I think. But I wanna add something a little extra to this. I was just sitting here wondering how would someone with a perfect chart like that would come off and how everything would manifest in them.

    As far as career wise, friendship, personality, marriage, communications, and even how he or she would look like if that part has any influence of the perfect chart.

    So ummm...........yeah let's talk about it.