Understanding Uranus in Gemini using Astrology

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  • AfternoonDelights22
    You are probably wrong.
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    3. What will be the result of the following MLS Soccer game?
    A. New York Red Bulls Win [Aries Moon Fire]

    Aries Moon fire means business and gets the win!! @unusualvaginaldischarge

    Gemini Mars will not get a shot at a run to the championship series this season @xoxflute

    Aries Moon Fire will meet Gentle Scorp in Ur-Anus in a quarterfinal battle between the franchises/placements to win the last 2 championships..

    Final score for this game will be determined later

    Questions start tomorrow for the Aries Moon-Scorp Uranus series

  • DMV
    anybody else wanna be a hero? Sag Sun Scorpio Moon Scorpio Merc
    36 years old
    I felt the aquarius solar eclipse more so than the new moon in cancer.

    Cancer is my rising sign and north node.

    Meanwhile Uranus is my most heavily aspected in my chart.

    I feel the desire to seriously shake things up.

    The last 6 months jupiter has been in my 5th house and I've made huge strides creatively. Jupiter went retrograde and things changed.

    I've come face to face with a 12 year secret I unsuccessfully tried to sweep under the rug which also caused me to remove my rose.colored glasses and dump the gemini.

    I felt ultimately distracted by him and the emotions and I'm alot happier that I'm 100% back on track with being totally committed to my journey and not allowing anyone, cute or not, distract me.
  • AfternoonDelights22
    You are probably wrong.
    FIRST ROUND BYE: Libra Sun Vice and Aqua Mars Logic

    WILDCARD GAME: Gemini Mars AT Aries Moon Fire

    Taurus Taco Mars vs Aqua Rising Creed in a best of 3 Series
    Winner of WILDCARD GAME vs Gentle Scorp in Uranus
  • AfternoonDelights22
    You are probably wrong.

    *1. Libra Sun Vice: (24GP) 16-6-2 (*34 pts*) [.708] GF:39/GA:26/gd: +13 *2 Win
    *2. Aqua Mars Logic: (24GP) 14-9-1 (*29 pts*) [.604] GF:42/GA:27/gd: +15 *5 Wins

    --1st Round Bye

    *3. Gentle Scorp in Ur-anus: (24GP) 14-10-0 (*28 pts*) [.583] GF:38/GA:34/gd: +3
    *4. Aquarius Rising Creed: (24GP) 14-10-0 (*28 pts*) [.583] GF:36/GA:30/gd: +6 *1 Win
    *5. Taurus Taco Mars: (24GP) 13-9-2 (*28 pts*) [.583] GF:35/GA:33/gd: +2 *1 Win

    *6. Aries Moon Fire (24GP) 14-10-0 (*28 pts*) [.583] GF:34/GA:32/gd: +2
    *7. Gemini Mars Mischief Makers: (24GP) 13-10-1 (*27 pts*) [.563] GF:32/GA:34/gd: -2

    --Wild Card

    **8. Gemini Mercury Deception: (24GP) 12-10-2 (*26 pts*) [.542] GF:37/GA:33/gd: +4 *1 Win
    **9. Scorpio Rising Stingers: (24GP) 12-11-1 (*25 pts*) [.521] GF:36/GA:32/gd: +4 *1 Win
    **8. Scorpio Venus Obsession: (23GP) 12-11-1 (*25 pts*) [.521] GF:30/GA:36/gd: -6
    **11. Scorpio Mars Retribution: (24GP) 11-11-2 (*24 pts*) [.500] GF:32/GA:37/gd: -5 *6 Wins
    **12. Cancer Sun Crime: (23GP) 10-13-1 (*21 pts*) [.438] GF:34/GA:33/gd: +1
    **13. Libra Mars Snowballs: (24GP) 1-20-3 (*5 pts*) [.104] GF:10/GA:46/gd: -36

    *Clinched Playoff birth
    **Eliminated from Playoff Contention

    A lot of teams with 28 points
    But Scorp Uranus gets 3rd with 38 goals scored. Their chances answering all 3 questions against Libra Mars twice pays off afterall

    Aqua Rising escaping the wildcard game that haunts scruffles with 36 goals this year

    Taurus Mars nabs 5th with 35

    And Aries Moon just misses out on top 5 with 34 goals
  • AfternoonDelights22
    You are probably wrong.
    Posted by Arkansassy
    Posted by AfternoonDelights22
    Gemini Mars and Gemini Mercury tied 1-1 with 1 questions left

    Aqua Rising up against Cancer Sun Crime 1-0 with 1 question left

    What's the games for these
    click to expand

    same one for both so Gem Merc kinda screwed unless you win and they pass scorp Uranus in total goals for

    3. Who will win the following Canadian Football game?
    A. Calgary Stampeders [Gemini Mercury Deception]
    B. Ottawa Redblacks [Gemini Mars Mischief Makers]

    3. Who will win the following Canadian Football game?
    A. Calgary Stampeders [Aqua Rising Creed]
    B. Ottawa Redblacks [Cancer Sun Crime]