Understand The Gemini Woman Using Astrology

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  • I'd love to see you with an earthy Gemini woman. I personally can't see you with an Aquarius.
  • Hey.. Virgo guy here and I actually had written a lot about my recent experiences with this Gemini Woman. What started as a random request on my part to take her for coffee, has grown to all kinds of adventures, shared secrets, and a trust that feels like I've known her for years. It's exhilarating and terrifying at the same time because it all happened so naturally.. I'm confident that with slightly more time, dreams can come to fruition with her. The only actual problems I see on the horizon is her lack of patience in life (she has none) and my living life fast. We can't really make plans. We have spontaneous adventures that turned into all day and night experiences. Food for thought...
  • Posted by ladycarmen
    Posted by GemCurio
    Nah... Who on earth could figure any of this out without someone telling what's going on?? Most people have a narrow negative perspective towards most actions or reactions of people. Most Virgo men exist somewhere above all that in a la la land that only still exists in stories of old. We don't rush real. REAL is REAL and distance, time, and availability shouldn't matter concerning whatever is true. In our absence, people find themselves confronted with themselves and they never realize that their actual thoughts, feelings, & actions reveal who ever they are in a much shorter amount of time to us. If you want to know who someone is, attach them to a rope so long so that you're not even visible.. Then stand back and watch carefully... lol

    my old virgo was like this wow! I didn't stick around though, theres something about this behavior that rubs me wrong. As a gemini, I definitely retreat when I feel people are too needy. I think its best for them to confront themselves to get to the root of their neediness that goes beyond our relationship but its never to observe them then come back if I'm pleased with how they handled it. I don't know how people just take this treatment on the chin from virgos. oh hell no lol

    it does seem early in your relationship though so my advice is just stay busy and let him come to you
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    @ladycarmen It's ironic you say that because I actually tried really hard to do this to this Gemini woman I just found irresistible!!! I told her every day she probably wouldn't hear from me tomorrow.. And everyday I couldn't help but to respond to her voodoo having a@#...lol

    One day, I said it again to her, and she said, " I think I'll see you tomorrow." So I gave her the look.. You know the look that says you're about to have to walk home from the next traffic light... She looked me dead in my eyes and smiled and raised her voice to say, " YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME!!!"

    From that moment I was hooked... She had gotten here sneaky sharp hooks in me & I doubt they'll ever come out.

    Anyway, you are correct. He will be back... I @GemCuriou have approved this message...
  • And you are trying to avoid the fact of the matter. You must be a Gemini woman...


    Regardless the number of men who asked isn't important. I'm sure on average for every 10 guys who ask for it only 2 might actually receive it... Does that sound about right??
  • Dammit.., I just realized I found myself explaining to you the same thing I had to explain to the Gemini woman I liked.. What a twist...