Libra flighty personality might hurt taurus man
It may be perfect couple when u truly feels each oder connctions, but taurus possesvness may drow away for libra woman but there love is sooo true,,, libra woman really appreciate taurus man devoted love and may die for each oder if they truly love each o   Read more
It's quite confusing really, some have had bad experiences with Taurus and some not. Me and Taurus great until I found out he has a girlfriend.
I spent 3 years with an Aquarius guy. Waited for him to get his butter in order, after which h just... wouldn't commit. Always made me wait. I was never first priority.
Cancer 💕
27% of the world has homicidal tendencies... the rest are just victims
How long in woman lasts the fire of love,
If eye or touch do not relight it often.
Oᴚɢᴀɴɪᴢᴇᴅ Cʜᴀᴏs ?
Yep that video is a sagi woman.   Read more
what does it mean when an aries man says I deeply and honestly care about you   Read more
from Neptune and Nirvana

from Neptune and Nirvana

from Neptune and Nirvana

You will never fulfill your destiny until you let go of the illusion of control
You will never fulfill your destiny until you let go of the illusion of control
A little advice... ive been with a scorpio man for almost a year now.. weve recently broken up this past week.. and I don't know why... weve been doing great, great vibe, we bump heads from time to time, but, that's normal with us... for the past couple o   Read more
female from Ga, US
Help please! This is long.... I've been dating this Scorpio guy. I bit of background. He was my boyfriend at 19yrs old (we're 33 now). He was in the military, went overseas for a while, came back. He asked me to move in with him. I declined because we wer   Read more
Oᴚɢᴀɴɪᴢᴇᴅ Cʜᴀᴏs ?
Capricorn moon keeps me in line. Does it with you?   Read more
20 years old female
Do you Capricorn Moon people feel a lot and just don't show it, or?   Read more
Yessss...the smart mouth. I've drawn a lot of guys that way. 😬😬   Read more
hello ! im a cancer woman too with moon in gemini   Read more
Virgo-Pisces Axis - The Saviour of Axes ♍ - ♓
"If I'm going to lie, I want to lie like normal people lie" - Focus   Read more
23 years old female
Pisces Sun Gemini Moon Gemini Rising
Online guru. GIF peasant. Low IQ treetrunkboy
50 shades of trolling (50 Cent, Astrobyn, RamOfPeace)   Read more
22 years old female from The Deep South, USA
Sluttitarius dominant
Cancer Suns with air moons can always make my day better ?
24 years old female from Paris, France
I AM a Scorpio & I WILL eat you.Rising: Cancer/Moon Scorp/Venus: Scorp/Mercury
quite a good mix
Leo ✗❥ Aquarius Rising
;3 baeplz~ Deep combo xDD   Read more
My clockwork heart
♥   Read more
43 years old female
Is that the scorpio tring to break free   Read more
I briefly dated a Scorpio male once. He is smart and charming, but too full of himself. He is not possessive but manipulative as hell! He is a smooth talker, which makes him a smooth liar too. He is a taker, not a giver. He knows what buttons to push; He   Read more
26 years old female
I'm a scorpio ;)
^^ that's me running away fom the virgo male lol   Read more
female from Ga, US
Give me your all and I'll give you mine. Soul for soul.
male from TX
♎ sun ♎rising ♎⛢ ♎☋
Love hard yet cautious. Knowing that ppl change with comfort zones
Venus, sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto in Scorpio/ moon in Aquarius, turaus ascendant, and Mars sag. Anybody else have these placements?   Read more
female from USA
potential to be abusive   Read more
20 years old female
A guy I've been into for a while is a Virgo Venus.. My Virgo is Cancer.. And he's so cute, I just want to give him a year long hug.. Ughhh.   Read more
female from USA
They're cute   Read more
female from Ga, US
Nope nope nope. My ex was one. Turned out to be an abusive Narcissistic Sociopath. NOPE.
female from Dallas, Usa
I'm in a reflective state of cognizance
Magical men   Read more
45 years old male
when you throw the shade, the shade is throwing you backward
This libra man is my old flame jus recently in jan tis yr we contact back..however we msg everyday..but as i am gemini i tend to msg long to compare to him..on feb as usual i will text n greet him n ask how os his day...but he nvr reply..after i msg him a   Read more
Novena answered for my son's health - O most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel
Fruitful vine, splendour of heaven,
blessed Mother of the Son of God
Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity.
O Star of the Sea help me and show me herein you are my mo   Read more
48 years old
Born Wizard
I stay in with the ghost of my 4T (Triple Taurus + Venus) but it's getting really boring.   Read more
48 years old
Born Wizard
Just studied Astrology for over 30 years, and I am a believer, so I won't waste time with other signs...though I'm open-minded right now to regarding the whole chart. WHYYYY   Read more
101 years old
LOL   Read more
the best to ever do it   Read more

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