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  • sabrinaquarius
    Aqua sun - Aries moon - Gemini rising - Capricorn venus/mars
    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me understanding this guy better. He's a cancer with libra moon, leo mercury, cancer venus and taurus mars. I met him at a party years ago where we talked a bit, then I befriended him on social media. Months ago I started noticing him more and more, as he kept posting interesting stuff that indicated me that we had a lot in common. Like politics, art, friends, tv series, etc. After some virtual interactions I decided to ask him out, and he said yes. He had a busy week so I told him to text me when he was free, which he did after a couple of days. We met on Saturday, went to a museum, then starbucks, then he kind of took me to two bars that he visits often and where he knows the owners, had dinner at the first one and some drinks at the other one. Were together from 4pm to 1am. I had an AMAZING time. He's really interesting and charming, and we have pretty much everything in common. He also kept remembering little details I told him, asked me about things like my food preferences and talked about his family (which I think are good signs). At some point he got really touchy feely, which I loved (but I think it didn't show as much as I intended), and there were lots of moments when we ended up staring at each other like really intensely. The first time I chickened out so I started eating. Yeah. But then I got some courage and started to move closer gazing into his eyes with the same intensity as him. We were all over each other for literally hours. I thought eventually we were going to kiss, but nothing happened. I wasn't sure if he wanted me to make a move (yeah I'm a bit neurotic, aqua sun, aries moon, gemini rising, aqua mercury, capri venus and mars). We then took the same bus, he put his hands on my back as we said goodbye and told me to text him when I got home so he knew I was safe (which I did, and his response was also really sweet). I texted him today about something funny and we laughed a bit, then he told me he had realized I had paid more on the date so he owed me money, and I told him that was ok (then I realized I could have told him to invite me for another beer...). He didn't answer. A friend adviced me to tell him that I had had a really great time, but I didn't and I feel a little bad.

    I know that it's probably too soon to get all worried and neurotic, but I have never dated a cancer man so I'm not really sure what to expect. I know they're slow to open up, and that his taurus mars can only make that "worse". Do you think he's interested? Or maybe he's that way with all his friends and he sees me as one of them? Should I invite him out again o wait for him to make a move? There was a moment when he mentioned an ex GF which I know is still really close to him (and I'm ok with that), but I'm worried he could still have feelings for her? (I really have zero experience with nostalgic cancers). I don't want my airy chart to mess this up because I really like him. Thanks!
  • ScorpioTruth
    Scorp Sun. Cancer moon. Virgo venus.
    37 years old female
    I know Pisces and Scorpio are typically compatible but I’m curious about the other placements.

    Him: (birth time is unknown)
    Sun Pisces 20°43'
    Moon Leo 8°04'
    Mercury Pisces 0°01' R
    Venus Aquarius 9°59'
    Mars Taurus 13°12'
    Jupiter Aries 2°10'
    Saturn Sagittarius 20°51'
    Uranus Sagittarius 26°33'
    Neptune Capricorn 7°47'
    Pluto Scorpio 9°45' R
    Lilith Cancer 12°08'
    Asc node Aries 11°41'

    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Scorpio 5°08' Ascendant Libra 9°20'
    Moon Cancer 7°24' II Scorpio 6°05'
    Mercury Scorpio 17°53' R III Sagittarius 6°59'
    Venus Virgo 27°34' IV Capricorn 10°50'
    Mars Sagittarius 11°39' V Aquarius 14°16'
    Jupiter Libra 0°12' VI Pisces 14°08'
    Saturn Libra 4°28' VII Aries 9°20'
    Uranus Scorpio 24°36' VIII Taurus 6°05'
    Neptune Sagittarius 20°47' IX Gemini 6°59'
    Pluto Libra 22°15' Midheaven Cancer 10°50'
    Lilith Libra 23°04' XI Leo 14°16'
    Asc node Leo 16°24' XII Virgo 14°08'

  • Lioness888
    • 🌞♌ • 🌜♈ • 💝♍ •
    Most likely sag aries leo aquarius libra gemini virgo and capricorn
  • Libra, Leo. Often times Virgo or Aquarius can be pretty touchy and sensitive. What's her date of birth? Check the ephemeris for that particular date and you will know.
  • G-Eazy & Halsey - Him & I

    "We turn up, mobbin' 'til the end of time
    Only one who gets me, I'm a crazy treetrunkin' Gemini"

    Diana Ross - No Matter what Sign you Are

    "Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus
    Gemini, Virgo, Cancer
    Pieces, Leo, Libra
    Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius
    The moon shines bright above
    And the charts declare it's not my night for love
    Ah the beat of my heart
    I feel a good vibration
    Saying you and me baby
    Would make a good combination
    There's no need for looking to the stars
    Can't you see the stars shine in my eyes
    I love you boy,
    I really love you boy
    No matter what sign you are
    You're gonna be mine you are
    Can't let astrology chart our destiny
    No matter what sign you are

    Tori Amos - Goodbye Pisces

    "There you There you go again
    Breaking Breaking porcelain
    Is that all I am just a Doll you got used to
    We've done We've done this before
    As Mars sauntered through his door
    Don't say it's time to say
    Goodbye to Pisces
    Goodbye to Pisces"

    Adam Ant - Scorpio Rising

    "The Greek, the Gypsy, the Italian
    And the Pole, took a look around
    Chewed up the gauntlet,
    Spat it out
    Raised them to the ground
    Scorpio rising
    Scorpio rising
    Scorpio rising
    Scorpio rising"

    Adam Ant - Scorpios

    "There's a gang in every town
    I say that the rules be turned around
    listen here from one who knows
    be fearless just like the Scorpios

    pretty, look young be fearless
    like the Scorpion
    pretty, look young be fearless
    like the Scorpion
    the Scorpion
    the Scorpion"

    Macklemore (a Gemini) - released an album called Gemini.

    Tyla Yaweh - Gemini

    "Switching up the row
    Such a Gemini
    Cant make up her mind
    like a gemini
    She stay on the road
    Take off in the night
    Always a surprise
    Such a gemini
    Never tell her no
    when she catch a vibe
    She go side to side
    Like a gemini
    Show up to my show
    She dont stand in line
    Always staying high
    That’s my Gemini (Gemini)"

    ... 😏

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