leo and pisces

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    Asc/Sun/Merc Leo + Moon Sag + Ven Lib + Mars Cap
    My dearest friend is a Pis/Sun, Sag/Moon -- I'm Leo/Sun, Sag/Moon. We just always have a good time together.
  • I am a pisces sun, Leo moon dating a Leo sun, sag moon. I feel like I've met my soul mate. Going on 4 months and I wonder where the hell he's been all my life! He's imperfectly perfect!
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    Pisces Sun🌞 Virgo Moon 🌙 Scorpio Rising 🌅
    28 years old female from Bay Area, California,
    My babies. I love my beautiful Lion Kings and Queens â¤â¤
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    LEO Sun ♌ Pisces Moon ♓
    Pisceeeeeees! ♥
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    Pisces sun (4.59), pisces moon (27.19)
    Reppin it up in here

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