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  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    Leo getting butter on again for being them?

    If you can strut and live like a Leo then you can talk.

    -Cancerian with Leo Mercury conjunct Leo Ascendant.
  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    Posted by CuddleBug88
    Posted by TheWeirdOne
    Posted by CuddleBug88
    Posted by TheWeirdOne
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    Posted by TheWeirdOne
    Posted by CuddleBug88
    @TheWeirdOne 👀🙃

    This bus journey is boring... Thanks for showing up Winking

    Bus 'journey' huh? Okay Frodo. lol.

    Anytime? 😉😋

    That would be tall frodo thank you very much Big Grin

    Tall is subjective sir..

    You got those.... Legs? :O

    Nope. I have arms for legs. It's cool tho.


    what's your sign slick-shoes? (ayyy Goonies reference, oh childhood haha)
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    Cancer Sun conjunct Cancer Jupiter, Taurus Moon conjunct Mars.
    Leo Ascendant.
  • OneKnight
    Sun: Cancer Rising: Leo Venus: Leo Moon: Cap
    40 years old male from NJ, USA
    Venus in Leo - 1st House, 1 degree of my Leo Ascendant in the 1st House.

    I'm not sure how come I'm not running Hollywood yet.
  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    Looking for intelligence in a chart is futile. As is saying you know X,Y,Z.

    Intelligence in my mind is practical use. Calculations, formulation of general ideas, the eb and flow of normality.

    This is interesting but most intelligent people are well together, they keep who means something to them in their life, they partition aspects of their own personality in order to be adaptable.

    IQ tests only test speed and capability of further learning.
    Mercury in my mind has little to do with intelligence on it's own.
    I am a Leo Ascendant with Mercury in Leo in 12th house conjunct.

    People often don't see me use my mind but wonder how on Earth i succeed. Mercury for me is square Moon, Mars & Pluto. Semisextile Uranus.

    I did a paid for Mensa IQ test and scored 114 which is just under "superior" but what does this mean? Not a lot because i still do not know some things. I am still learning. What happens if that 90 IQ person was taught well from an early age and is well off? Is he more intelligent, yes to the people around that person because he has material proof.
    IQ is not a calculation of intelligence. It is a calculation of how fast you can work things out.
    Einstein and all the great minds simply dedicated theirs to intellectual pursuits. Their IQ was great because they dedicated to the mind and pushing things that required deep learning.

    What adds up to overall intellect is a combination of the whole chart you have. Jupiter is in Cancer for me. I have formidable emotional intelligence. Uranus gives an energetic spark. Mars brings drive. Pluto brings the depth. Moon brings instinct.

    My IQ is good not because of Mercury but because i had to learn fast based on my life which is a hard life.

    Loving who you are and progressing forwards is a healthy & intelligent way forwards. Everyone has the capacity to be great regardless of intelligence.
  • ValleysofNeptune
    Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Leo ascendant
    25 years old male
    Posted by Emhendo
    Posted by ValleysofNeptune
    I agree with a lot of what you said, and have had a lot of similar experiences

    There was some weird sexual stuff growing up for me. Not gonna get into it just saying it because it's relevant to your post lol

    Never really had any major sicknesses, just flus and stuff like that sometimes, but I've noticed the vitality and energy that I think comes with this ascendant too. I think that may also somewhat be tied to stubbornness...but in a good way lol. Just like "nah treetrunk you I'm gonna keep at it and keep coming at you because I can". That stubbornness can be a negative when we don't know when to quit but when applied to the right areas and causes it's great

    I've got the Leo ascendant hair too lol, one of the main things I get comments and compliments on. It used to be kind of light brown but has turned dark brown as I've gotten older. It's really thick hair and I have this huge natural cowlick in front that everyone thought was me styling it like that, but that's just how my hair is lol. My dad used to shave my head in elementary sometimes or keep it very short, especially in the summer but sometimes at other times of the year too. Which I kind of hated because I thought it looked like butter but I was too un-confrontational to complain and say I didn't want it. Looking back on it maybe my Leo ascendant felt out of whack without my mane lol. So of course having your head attracts attention from kids, some positive some negative. Some people would give me butter for it sometimes, but not really. Sometimes girls would want to feel it because it felt prickly and weird and they were curious lol

    "But yet we come around just being ourselves and people turn their nose up at us or want to size us up.."
    This 100% It was always a subconscious thing but I felt it. I got into a fair amount of fights in elementary school. I wasn't always completely innocent in the situation, but sometimes I was. This one kid got jealous I guess because we were playing football at recess and I guess we won or something. Things got kinda heated at times when we were playing but it was nothing serious, or so I thought. That's just how it goes when you're competing. Anyways this kid tried to sucker punch me out of nowhere and I slipped everything and landed everything and that was that lmao. And then growing up through my teen years people always thought I was trying to puff myself up or something and I seriously never was. Like I'm a Leo ascendant but I'm also a shy Pisces sun/Virgo moon deep down and usually like to keep things pretty low key. I've had "friends" who think I'm like trying to hit on their girl or something just because I'm being me and being friendly. It was frustrating. So sometimes I'd try to kind of shrink myself down out of the spotlight as much as possible, but it never really works lol

    I've had some great friends in my life, and I have this one friend who is seriously like a brother to me. But most of my friends or people I hang out with come and go. Idk how much of that is due to my Leo ascendant in my case though, I think I might just be too easy come easy go, go with the flow

    Also All Eyez on Me is one of my favorite Tupac songs lol, probably because that's life as a Leo ascendant. And even when eyes aren't on you it feels like it

    I had wrote this in much detail, but then I accidentally deleted like 70% of what I typed and had to retype it..

    So I was meaning to type about the hair being cut maybe over and over... And you just said it. Yeah, a Leo rising may find themselves having to cut the hair more often than others, or if your parents aren't into long hair.. They keep it up. Like man, it's thick and healthy, why would your dad want to cut it? Plus it might grow low onto the neck..

    But yeah, kids are hella threatened by a Leo Rising child thriving in competition.

    I know a Gemini dude, Leo rising that's like 17 or 18 and he plays football.. He's cool as hell, comfortable in his skin .. But he let's the haters get to him.

    He has no reason to be insecure at all, but you can see all the hate is just starting to mold into his young brain.. He's been gang stalked and everything. He's a good dude, I don't see why somebody would wanna jump him for...

    butter pisses me off..

    But friends come and go for me too.. I don't keep friends for long.

    Also check out Kat Williams who is this Leo rising black guy.

    Super flashy and charismatic.. Such a swaggering soul.

    A lot of mothatreetrunkers hate on that man. He's just doing him.. He got a skit about haters and that's that Leo Rising getting pissed off all over ...

    So you dress real flashy, or have nice fabrics you like to wear? Just not like the average man, but unintentionally?
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    Idk if I'd say I've ever dressed particularly flashy. I do occasionally break out like a nicer dress shirt made out of some cool, weird fabric, but not a whole lot. I do kind of enjoy dressing up a bit when situations call for it but just in general I keep it pretty basic. That probably partly comes from that feeling I talked about earlier of not wanting or caring to attract more attention than I already do. But I have always been pretty conscious of what I'm wearing and do like to add some kind of unique twist or something different even if it's still pretty basic, if that makes sense lol

    This reminded me of something I was going to say earlier but I forgot, back in the early 00's when I was in elementary I got a pair of blue old school vans. Nobody was wearing these at the time around my age group, and at least not in the small town I was going to school in at the time. It wasn't the original plain vans, but the ones with the white flowing v on the sides. I had had a pair a few years back when I was reeeally young and remembered them and liked them so I got another pair the next time I was able to get a new pair of shoes, I got the blue ones. I was the only one wearing them at my school and I wasn't really seeing them around anywhere, though granted I was just a kid. Then one of my friends got a pair. Then another kid...And I butter you not, within a few weeks at most there were too many pairs on campus to count. Coincidence? Idk man...vans in general got really popular everywhere from there on out and that obviously wasn't because of me lol, but the timing sure was strange. And either way, I found it kind of lame that so many people just copy catted each other's style s, whether it was me originally or not. I don't trip on any of that stuff anymore really because there's way bigger butter to worry about lol, but as a kid I just found it lame

    But yeah anyways, I used to kind of run into some trouble because of my Leo ascendant and try to kind of tamper it down (without really knowing I was consciously) but within the past couple years I've just kind of said treetrunk it and know I might possibly ruffle some feathers and there's really I can do about it. As long as I know I'm coming from as warm, caring, and sincere a place as I can, then whatever, there's nothing else I can really do