Leo First Decan: Astrology Meaning

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  • ValleysofNeptune
    Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Leo ascendant
    25 years old male
    Have you guys heard of this guy? I was reading about him yesterday and found it pretty interesting. Everything about his life is also the most Pisces butter I've ever read lmao. Full of all of the spirituality, aimless wandering, delusion, victimization, and service to others you could ever hope for. He was an American clairvoyant Pisces born March 18, 1977 who gave readings while in a sleep-like state for a variety of purposes over the years, often changing his focus. He was given the nickname "The Sleeping Prophet" by a biographer. He was raised Christian and while he carried those beliefs with him through his life, he also began to incorporate a lot of different faiths and spiritual beliefs (including astrology), some that would be considered taboo to a lot of Christians. Some people consider him one of the forerunners to the New Age movement. He was married to a Pisces. Their first born son was also a Pisces lol. And their other two sons were a 1st decan March Aries and a 3rd decan February Aquarius, the signs right next to Pisces 🤔 Edgar Cayce had a 4 planet Pisces stellium of Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. Taurus moon, Neptune, and Pluto. Capricorn Mars and Jupiter. Leo Uranus. Assuming his birth time is correct I also share the same ascendant (Leo) and midheaven (Taurus) as him

    Idk, if this interests you check it out



  • LeoHeat
    Leo (Sun & Mercury), Libra (Moon & Mars), Virgo (Rising), Cancer (Venus
    My Pisces man has moved to a new state. From my address to his new address, it’s exactly 666 miles. I’m not even kidding. That’s a 10+ hour drive! I’m madly in love with him and would be willing to move down to his new city, but I have another year on my lease! Are long distance relationships possible with a Pisces man?

    He is a first decan Pisces (Moon in Capricorn, Rising in Scorpio, Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Capricorn)

    I am a Leo (Moon in Libra, Rising in Virgo, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Libra)
  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    Posted by SpaceBird
    Posted by dewiklaessen26
    Posted by SpaceBird
    Maybe on the cusp ? a little of both.

    You look like @teena smile you're very pretty smile

    You come off as athletic and fortunate also happy and vibrant smile

    What you mean with on the cusp sorry i feel stupid now you mean inbetween both ?

    On the cusp In astrology, a cusp is the imaginary line that separates a pair of consecutive signs /decans in the zodiac or houses in the horoscope. ... That point of view may consider the Sun to be "on the cusp" even when its centre is as much as two degrees away from the sign boundary.

    It's supposes to give you the qualities of both ..
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    Because i put the link with it with the decans

    FIRST DECAN of SAGITTARIUS Rising (00.00 - 10.00 degrees)
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    This Sagittarius/JUPITER decan of Sagittarius rising is, of course, the most typical. Very much of what was covered above applies fully, but there is more. The mutable (versatile) nature of Sagittarius gives all with this influence a wonderful level of adaptability which enables you to "fit square pegs into round holes" when necessary. Seldom do you encounter anything or anybody you can't cope with if it's important to you.

    With Jupiter as ruler of your everyday self, you may have more than your fair share of what others regard as sheer good luck. Often you just seem to be at the right places at the right times. But, as you know (or will learn) you can't rely totally on luck to see you through all matters of importance. While it's true that you may be more lucky than some with outright gambling, it's also true that you need to keep a check on your urge to gamble or take too many long shots.

    The cardinal (action) sub-influence of this first decan can supply you with the added energy and drive to accomplish a lot. Your overall optimism and sense of humor are highly honed. Your ability to encourage others and your broad, beaming smile are generally welcomed wherever you go and by nearly everyone you meet.

    Physically, you may be larger (taller and/or heavier) than those with other decans of Sagittarius rising. Remember, however, that while jovial Jupiter can expand personality, it can just as easily expand your waistline as well; you'll need to eat sensibly, especially after middle age.

    You are able to adjust quite readily to changes in your life; because of this you might be attracted to a career or business that would require much travel and frequent "living out of a suitcase." You must exercise care so that you are never hopelessly tied down to any place, person, or circumstance since your basic nature appreciates, even demands, a certain level of freedom. It's probable you will spend much of your time residing quite a distance from your place of birth.

    SECOND DECAN of SAGITTARIUS Rising (10.00 - 20.00 degrees)
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    The important sub-influence of this Aries/MARS decan, can induce numerous and rather interesting differences for those who have this in effect in the natal horoscope. Aries tends to add much directness and forcefulness to the manner in which you go about the everyday matters of your life. You respond well to a challenge but must exercise care that you don't go off on tangents solely for the purpose of proving you have the "guts" to do so. There should be a sensible purpose or you shouldn't accept the "dare.

    Tact and diplomacy are necessary for you to employ; otherwise, you can have such a sharp tongue that you can hurt others very quickly and deeply when your comments "hit the nail on the head" much too harshly. Your sometimes-biting even caustic wit may not be appreciated by everyone, so learn to guard your speech.

    Appearance-wise, you may be thinner than those with the first decan of Sagittarius ascending. Further, your head and body may tend to be more angular. Dark red or sandy hair might be an additional characteristic. It's possible that you may tend to blush more easily than some. Along with this tendency toward "redness" comes a pronounced likelihood that you have quite an explosive temper which you might do well to learn to control or it can cause you more grief and difficulty than you need. Fortunately however, for you and others, when you do get angry it usually doesn't last very long.

    The Aries first-house influence adds a good amount of external ego and "I am" to your personality. If you aren't careful, this can get out of hand at times and perhaps cause friends to accuse you of being too self-centered and unconcerned about others. You much prefer to lead than to follow. Generally speaking, you are a "take-charge" sort of person and should be your own boss if this is at all possible. You probably act, move, and speak at an accelerated pace. It's true that you may not be very happy unless you are involved in some sort of challenging activity.

    THIRD DECAN of SAGITTARIUS Rising (20.00 - 30.00 degrees)
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    The sub-influence of this Leo/SUN decan can induce some quite "bright," exciting, and interesting characteristics for those with this ten degrees of Sagittarius ascending in your geniture or nativity. Leo -- natural ruler of the fifth house of youth, creativity, pleasure, "acting" and chance-taking --- can stimulate you to a high level of personal creativity. Normally, you'll always look more youthful than your actual age could indicate.

    Creativity is inherent in your basic nature, and you need to seek some means to express it to others. While you might be an excellent actor or actress who actually works on the stage and/or before the camera, it's more probable that most of you will enjoy acting your "part" while using the world as a "stage." You are a natural salesperson who can use your selling abilities quite effectively to earn a good living and further your progress in all areas.

    In appearance, your height may tend more toward normal or just slightly above; your facial features and body tend to "squareness." You appear stable and solid. Hair tends to lighter shades with bright highlights; it often grows rather low on the neck. You walk upright and exude much pride and self-confidence. Your voice is strong and causes others to pay atttention to what you say.

    You are friendly, gregarious, and outgoing; seldom do you meet anyone who remains a stranger for very long. You are not averse to introducing yourself to anyone. Your handshake is distinctively warm and firm, which befits one with large hands.

    You have a knack for bragging and complimenting others to the point they feel wonderful and think you are a most marvelous person. Little do they suspect that your purpose is not totally unselfish because you command center stage and the full spotlight while you inflate their egos. Then, you enjoy soaking in the warmth of pride as they return your compliments. Leo's sub-influence gives you a high level of tenacity, which allows you to maintain your energy long enough to accomplish much that you set out to do. Seldom do you give up easily on anything.

  • AquaNextDoor
    ♒️ sun ♑️ moon, venus r, merc ♐️ mars ♌️ asc | Married to a Cap
    28 years old female
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    Posted by AquaNextDoor
    First decan

    „Karmically this suggests that many lifetimes in poverty and toil have chiseled this stone into a diamond. Now it time for the soul to shine, but the challenge now is not to fall back into the expectation of struggle etched into the memory from previous lifetimes.“

    There is only one way for me - up and beyond 🙏🏼

    I'm still waiting on my diamond period. Crying

    I guess the answer is right there!

    Don‘t wait for your diamond period - make it happen! 🌷

    I am.
    I'm not just sitting around but it seems I still have to go through that poverty period.

    Well then either you don‘t work hard enough for it OR you have to be more patient and acknowledge your progress 😊 pat yourself on the shoulder from time to time, I‘m sure you are doing your best

    Or I just don't have any luck.

    I don‘t believe that 🌷 why so negative?

    The amount of control we have over our life is severly limited.
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    Hhmmmmm sure it is limited to some extent. Do you experience any setbacks right now? Job, gf, family? Because realism isn‘t necessarily linked to negativity

    I don‘t believe much in luck either - except when my cap and I go to the casino playing slots 😎😍
    All I have right now isn‘t because of luck it‘s because I worked for it. Just like lil wayne said „karma‘s a cookiemonster, so make sure that cookiemonster is beautiful“

    I‘m sure your time will come! I went through tough times, including living with only 500chf every month... almost got homeless... turning every damn cent.. seeing a psychiatrist.. made a damn fool out of myself over a leo stellium (damn)... ja ja life sucked. But it was mainly my own fault and I did all I could to get out of there. And I made it.. after 5yrs - felt more like an eternity -.- but hey 5 yrs.. could have been worse
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
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    Posted by pinkbird03
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    Do you find this true about yourself? In what ways?

    Mostly, yeah. Everything regarding the sun description fits and the part of the ascendant description of needing a strong partner.

    What do you mean you need a stronger person? In what ways?

    I can't do the timid housewife.
    I need someone outspoken and headstrong. Everything else would end up as a pushover.
    "Since this decan is so individualistic, they may find it difficult to make the necessary compromises to make romantic attachments work. Their boldness, predatory and swooping nature can scare off more timid individuals. The women, in particular, may find it hard to find a suitable dashing and manly mate. Eagle ladies need 100% Alpha, otherwise, her lover is found increasingly disappointing and boring."
    replace women with men and this would fit me completly


    Date a Leo then. Tongue

    NO BAE. Lol January Aquas are good for Gems. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahah

    LoooL! And who told you that?

    ME!!! I tried Feb aquas and they dont fit the mold. But January aqua is like a deug to a gem like myself. Lol and I am a first decan gem. Lol

    Haha! Being the first decan Gem, I can never see myself dating the water bearer anymore. Marrying one previously was more than enough for me. Doesn't matter the decans.

    But there must be something else in you that love Aquas just like how I see the crazy Sags.

    However, yep..you're right. Feb Aquas are more complicated than the Jan. The Jan are not as sensitive as the Feb and I like them more. Big Grin

    lol you really love sag men no matter what they do.
    and really are turned off by libra men and aqua men. (the ex's you were with)

    i was with an aqua man (2nd ex) and i guess fate/destiny only blessed me with just one experience...albeit a yucky experience. lol too bad there aren't enough women here with good experiences with air sun men. i only hear bad things.

    Not saying I love them like really, really love. I just like their personality for being able to take sarcasm and insult without getting pissed. In fact, they will join you and laugh it off. (I am referring to the men only, the women can be quite sensitive, imo)

    LooL! Air men kinda bores me and I don't find them able to keep me "interested" for a long time. Some can be pretty defensive too. And it's not passionate at all.

    Maybe, they holds it better with some others, just not my cup of coke. Big Grin

    have you tried a gemini man?

    I did date one, long, long time ago.

    Just normal date, not in a rs tho. Same thing, too similar. Ewww...boring...

    lol how about air moons?

    any air at all? i know you dont even like libra venus, libra moon (from the other topic) lol

    you're hard to please.

    Nope. I am not really that hard to please. I do like Gemini moon. They are my fav peeps.

    I've had bad experience with Libra moon, venus and rising. Long story but I don't see the need to share too much.

    I guess I am looking for stability and consistency. If I have to be the one wearing the pants, forget it. I am sick and tired of being the man. 😏

    you attract alot of libra placements.

    they all sound so girly girl. :/


    earth modality for you then.

    You tell me? LooL

    I do like Cap venus for the most part tho'. 😊

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    one of my personal faves, with VenusScorpio PiscesVenus, i think only those three. lol

    i also like aries venus but dont have good long term with them. it doesn't favour my earth/water dominant but venus aries likes my sun singularity.