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  • rabidtalker
    My natal chart is in my profile photos.
    Posted by DivaCanLeo
    2017 is all about being a LEO

    Crabs ways and methods are very alien to me

    I read the leo horoscopes because I'm leo rising, whats your rising?
  • Neurath
    English Pride. Mental Health Nurse. Chinese Fire Tiger. Leo Fire S
    32 years old male from United Kingdom
    Lol. You're cool. This is why i love leo's, never back down.

    Anyway, Yes horoscopes apparently predict what is going to happen...and then what they say is completely inaccurate or so vague that you can attribute anything to fit them. I always love my horoscopes telling me marriage or children are in the air for me this week when i'm actually splitting up with someone. Always makes me smile.

    I confess i do not read other signs horoscopes but i have read 7 different leo horoscopes from astrologers every day for the past 8 years. The funny this is they all say something different so i would never bet my mortgage money on anything they say. I do however love birth charts as it can indicate the *potential* for someone based on astrology, but again the parents need to ensure that these positive aspects are encouraged and supported. I work in a field where fact remains largely untested, and though we do our best to assist people the human brain is phenomenal and largely not known about.

    The ancient Mayans were the most star advanced culture to date and their predictions were vague - with some coming true and others not coming true. And that is why vagueness works. It's why women fall for *hints* and stay with someone that really has no intention of ensuring what the woman really wants or needs will happen.