Understanding Jupiter in Leo using Astrology

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  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
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    Prolonged foreplay
    Cowgirl (if really feeling it or great chemistry)
    Doggy style (to finish)

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    Virgo Mars

    Extended foreplay is literally the best hot dam

    Especially when done well

    *cough* Taurus.

    I've heard they're amazing with slow and sensual, never experienced it though. If it's as good as they say, my cancer would gladly whip them a sandwich afterwards

    It truly is that good, swayed a Libra Moon & Mars Virgo... she could not resist ever. Moon - Mars Taurus, unsure of Sun.

    What's your sun and placements? Libras are hard to pin down
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    Sun - Jupiter conjunct in Cancer 12th house.
    Leo Mercur 12th house conjunct ASC in Leo.
    Pluto in Scorp in 4th trine Sun and Jup
    Midheaven in Aries, Moon & Mars in Taurus conjunct Midheaven.
    Gemini Venus semisextile Sun.
  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.

    Also known as “clear seeing”. The ability to see visions with either the inner sight or with the physical eyes. Pictures forming in the mind or people, places, symbols, situations and colours. This includes seeing spirits and auras. Tend to be visual learns, sensitive to the aesthetics of their environment and can ‘see’ things thats others do not.


    Receiving clear information about others through their own emotional responses and sensations indie the body or on the skin. Highly sensitive (either skin, emotions or both). Can detect the energies of an environment. Mat feel uncomfortable in dense public places or around a lot of electrical equipment.

    These 2.

    Sun conjunct Jupiter in 12th house in Cancer with trines to Pluto in 4th.

    12th house Mercury in Leo conjunct ASC.
  • Posted by pisceswoman123
    Posted by Chesh
    I like Sagittarius Moon, they are the chillest and funniest people ever and they don't hold grudges or stay pissed off emotionally very long. ❤
    The chilliest? 😱😂

    But what about your favorite from your chart?
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    Lol for a fire moon 🔥they are pretty laid back.

    Umm...from from my own chart, maybe Jupiter in Leo in the 8th house it kinda gives me like dumb luck in a way if that makes sense.
  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    Looking for intelligence in a chart is futile. As is saying you know X,Y,Z.

    Intelligence in my mind is practical use. Calculations, formulation of general ideas, the eb and flow of normality.

    This is interesting but most intelligent people are well together, they keep who means something to them in their life, they partition aspects of their own personality in order to be adaptable.

    IQ tests only test speed and capability of further learning.
    Mercury in my mind has little to do with intelligence on it's own.
    I am a Leo Ascendant with Mercury in Leo in 12th house conjunct.

    People often don't see me use my mind but wonder how on Earth i succeed. Mercury for me is square Moon, Mars & Pluto. Semisextile Uranus.

    I did a paid for Mensa IQ test and scored 114 which is just under "superior" but what does this mean? Not a lot because i still do not know some things. I am still learning. What happens if that 90 IQ person was taught well from an early age and is well off? Is he more intelligent, yes to the people around that person because he has material proof.
    IQ is not a calculation of intelligence. It is a calculation of how fast you can work things out.
    Einstein and all the great minds simply dedicated theirs to intellectual pursuits. Their IQ was great because they dedicated to the mind and pushing things that required deep learning.

    What adds up to overall intellect is a combination of the whole chart you have. Jupiter is in Cancer for me. I have formidable emotional intelligence. Uranus gives an energetic spark. Mars brings drive. Pluto brings the depth. Moon brings instinct.

    My IQ is good not because of Mercury but because i had to learn fast based on my life which is a hard life.

    Loving who you are and progressing forwards is a healthy & intelligent way forwards. Everyone has the capacity to be great regardless of intelligence.
  • MiZLeo
    ♌☀️/❤/Merc/Jup♓🌜♋Mars♐Rising ♍Sat
    MC in Virgo
    Conj Saturn in Virgo(9th house)
    Opposite Moon in Pisces(3rd house)
    Square Neptune in Sag (1st house)
    Uranus (Scorpio 12th house) Sextile MC 
    It also shares my 9th house with Sun, Jupiter, and Venus in Leo.