Understanding Neptune in Leo using Astrology

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  • Posted by MyStarsShine
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    Posted by MyStarsShine
    Mother wound
    Wounding around women


    Please elaborate... It sounds about right at least for me.

    It can indicate having a wounded mother or the mothering you received felt painful. You may have similar issues being a mother, although I would argue that with awareness this could be healed 💙. You may encounter women with issues...and it can also mean profound sensitivity in both yourself and others you meet. Which house/s are the planets in and what aspect do they make to each other?

    I hope you are doing okay 😘
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    Thank you lady. ❤️ And yes, my mom did have a painful time taking care of me during my earlier years because of the medical issues I had at birth... Pluto in my 5th House makes me wary about wanting to bear children myself. And the sensitivity part is unfortunately correct, haha... I have a short temper.

    House I: Cancer
    Moon in Cancer
    Sun in Leo

    House 2: Leo, empty

    House 3: Virgo
    Mercury in Virgo
    Venus in Virgo

    House 4: Libra
    Mars in Virgo
    Chiron in Virgo

    House 5: Scorpio
    Pluto in Sagittarius

    House 6: Sagittarius, empty

    House 7: Capricorn
    Uranus in Aquarius
    Neptune in Capricorn

    House 8: Aquarius
    Jupiter in Aquarius

    House 9: Pisces, empty

    House 10: Aries
    Saturn in Aries

    House 11: Taurus, empty

    House 12: Gemini, empty
  • MiZLeo
    ♌☀️/❤/Merc/Jup♓🌜♋Mars♐Rising ♍Sat
    MC in Virgo
    Conj Saturn in Virgo(9th house)
    Opposite Moon in Pisces(3rd house)
    Square Neptune in Sag (1st house)
    Uranus (Scorpio 12th house) Sextile MC 
    It also shares my 9th house with Sun, Jupiter, and Venus in Leo.

  • Fugit

    Here's the jist.

    Wed 11 July, 03:42 AM UT
    Sun 18°49' Cancer
    Moon 21°07' Gemini
    Mercury 15°12' Leo
    Venus 1°10' Virgo
    Mars 7°57' Я Aquarius
    Jupiter 13°21' Scorpio
    Saturn 4°52' Я Capricorn
    Uranus 2°15' Taurus
    Neptune 16°22' Я Pisces
    Pluto 20°03' Я Capricorn
    Chiron 2°24' Я Aries
    True Node 5°56' Я Leo
    True Lilith 28°30' Я Capricorn

    Yeah, screw you fisk. Enjoy being me while I cry in the corner.
  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
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    Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow
    Posted by FFS
    Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow

    What's your Sun and Moon?

    Gem Sun/Scorp moon
    And yours?

    I assume its the Scorp moon and probably other things in your chart.
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    Nope not anymore to forget is impossible forgive also hard with my sagg moon every now and then things come back up randomly so if we were about to have sex i would sometimes imagine him having sex with her and him enjoying it which very painful. Also being a virgo you can visualize things very good which makes it even worse.
    I am not bitter though when i start a new relationship i go in it fresh but if that ever happens again to me i will leave right away.

    My AC /Planets/Astroids and houses

    Sun: Virgo 9th house
    AC: Sagittarius
    Moon : Sagittarius 1st house
    Mars : Libra 9th house
    Mercury : Virgo 9th house
    Jupiter : Virgo 8th house
    Venus : Leo 8th house
    Vesta : Leo 8th house
    Chiron : Leo 8th house
    Uranus : Capricorn 1st house
    Neptune : Capricorn 1st house
    True north node: Capricorn 1st house
    True lilith : Capricorn 1st house
    Juno : Capricorn 1st house
    Pluto : Scorpio 11th house
  • ACsquarepluto
    ☀︎♊️ 🌔♐️ 🌅♌️
    Aspects and placements which could explain your sensitivity:
    Moon (11th) square Saturn (8th): this aspect can indicate trauma or repression in your childhood home. With Leo North Node in your 11th house, a theme in your life could be learning to develop self-esteem and confidence, and get out of your shell socially.
    Uranus in 5th square Saturn and opposite moon: You may have experienced unstable home life in your childhood and fear signs of instability in others. Authority figures may have proven unworthy of trust at times. These aspects could also cause repression of risk-taking, maybe self-censorship and self-deprivation. Your North Node impels you to allow yourself more freedom of expression of individuality; don't be afraid to take risks, the consequences might not be as bad as you think. The sextile between your Uranus and Pluto indicates that your originality could harmoniously transform your life course and allow you greater power in life.
    Mercury (6th) square Pluto (3rd): This aspect can indicate grudge-holding and difficulty forgiving others. However, your Mercury in Pisces in the 6th house can indicate high intelligence, and Pluto in 3rd might give you intense intellectual focus as well.
    Mars in 7th as well as Mercury falling somewhat near the descendant: tendency to over-compromise. Since you are so giving, this can intensify the disappointment when your loved ones let you down. I think your North Node offers you the solution to combine an objective outlook with a set of priorities that places your own needs high. When you ensure your own needs are met before you give to others, people might seem less avoidable and life might improve.
    Jupiter square Neptune: This aspect could cause you to hesitate before taking advantage of an opportunity or introducing yourself to others because of the irrational fear of failure, rejection, etc. These fears are emphasized by your Virgo rising and 6th house placements: you might hold yourself back if you hyper-focus on every personal flaw and beat yourself up. Confidence is the answer. Your Venus-Neptune conjunction might give you beauty and ethereal appeal and people will likely be receptive to your ideas and presence. Especially with your high intelligence indicated by your Mercury.
    Saturn square Neptune: with all of the hard aspects formed by Saturn in your chart, it could take time to overcome circumstances and people in your life who suppress your vitality and charm. Believe in yourself and be the beautiful, charming, ethereal muse-type person you are (if you relate 😊). This is emphasized by a sextile between Mars and Neptune on the degree. Your whimsical, compassionate nature will work harmoniously with your instinct and drive.
    Hope this helps. smile