Understanding Pluto in Leo using Astrology

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  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    Posted by LadyLuna19
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    Posted by LadyLuna19
    Prolonged foreplay
    Cowgirl (if really feeling it or great chemistry)
    Doggy style (to finish)

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    Virgo Mars

    Extended foreplay is literally the best hot dam

    Especially when done well

    *cough* Taurus.

    I've heard they're amazing with slow and sensual, never experienced it though. If it's as good as they say, my cancer would gladly whip them a sandwich afterwards

    It truly is that good, swayed a Libra Moon & Mars Virgo... she could not resist ever. Moon - Mars Taurus, unsure of Sun.

    What's your sun and placements? Libras are hard to pin down
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    Sun - Jupiter conjunct in Cancer 12th house.
    Leo Mercur 12th house conjunct ASC in Leo.
    Pluto in Scorp in 4th trine Sun and Jup
    Midheaven in Aries, Moon & Mars in Taurus conjunct Midheaven.
    Gemini Venus semisextile Sun.
  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.

    Also known as “clear seeing”. The ability to see visions with either the inner sight or with the physical eyes. Pictures forming in the mind or people, places, symbols, situations and colours. This includes seeing spirits and auras. Tend to be visual learns, sensitive to the aesthetics of their environment and can ‘see’ things thats others do not.


    Receiving clear information about others through their own emotional responses and sensations indie the body or on the skin. Highly sensitive (either skin, emotions or both). Can detect the energies of an environment. Mat feel uncomfortable in dense public places or around a lot of electrical equipment.

    These 2.

    Sun conjunct Jupiter in 12th house in Cancer with trines to Pluto in 4th.

    12th house Mercury in Leo conjunct ASC.
  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    Looking for intelligence in a chart is futile. As is saying you know X,Y,Z.

    Intelligence in my mind is practical use. Calculations, formulation of general ideas, the eb and flow of normality.

    This is interesting but most intelligent people are well together, they keep who means something to them in their life, they partition aspects of their own personality in order to be adaptable.

    IQ tests only test speed and capability of further learning.
    Mercury in my mind has little to do with intelligence on it's own.
    I am a Leo Ascendant with Mercury in Leo in 12th house conjunct.

    People often don't see me use my mind but wonder how on Earth i succeed. Mercury for me is square Moon, Mars & Pluto. Semisextile Uranus.

    I did a paid for Mensa IQ test and scored 114 which is just under "superior" but what does this mean? Not a lot because i still do not know some things. I am still learning. What happens if that 90 IQ person was taught well from an early age and is well off? Is he more intelligent, yes to the people around that person because he has material proof.
    IQ is not a calculation of intelligence. It is a calculation of how fast you can work things out.
    Einstein and all the great minds simply dedicated theirs to intellectual pursuits. Their IQ was great because they dedicated to the mind and pushing things that required deep learning.

    What adds up to overall intellect is a combination of the whole chart you have. Jupiter is in Cancer for me. I have formidable emotional intelligence. Uranus gives an energetic spark. Mars brings drive. Pluto brings the depth. Moon brings instinct.

    My IQ is good not because of Mercury but because i had to learn fast based on my life which is a hard life.

    Loving who you are and progressing forwards is a healthy & intelligent way forwards. Everyone has the capacity to be great regardless of intelligence.
  • Emhendo
    Da Killificent Nigga Buu, Bloodchild Jigga Buu. Mackjestic Drips💧
    22 years old from Chicago soufsidee
    Posted by TheWeirdOne
    I suffered abuse.
    6th house Saturn opposite Sun & Jupiter.
    Pluto square Asc
    Sun trine Pluto
    Moon conjunct Mars
    Pluto 4th.
    Sun conjunct Chiron.
    Jupiter conjunct Chiron.
    Sun 12th house.
    Leo rising, Aries MC.

    I'm sure you did with those combos..

    I updated my presentation, take a look.
  • Emhendo
    Da Killificent Nigga Buu, Bloodchild Jigga Buu. Mackjestic Drips💧
    22 years old from Chicago soufsidee
    Being born with your 1st House in Leo is not exactly a blissful life, as outsiders would assume to believe about Leo ascendant upon meeting.

    Most Leo Risings often have a rough early life in the home; due to the 4th House being in Scorpio.
    Pluto may also end up in the 4th house with this particular Ascendant - bringing Plutonian vibes at home or in other people's home they are accompanying.

    A Leo rising may experience sexualization in the household at an early age.

    Seeing their first penis or vagina, whether on purpose/maliciously or not, before understanding themselves sexually. Witnessing sexual organs of others at a shy age may have been predatory or not - but either way, a Leo rising is flashed and familiar with sexual body parts of either sexes as early as the age of 5 or 6.

    Verbal abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, molestation, physical abuse, absent parent, sexual abuse, and bullying.. A general pain coming from the home.

    As a child they can experience trauma and mortal wounds at home, dealing with the head. Even sickness.
    Lips, eyes, nose, teeth, throat, scalp and brain.

    A Leo rising child may even catch Meningitis.

    As a kid, I had Scalp Ringworm at about 8 years-old. It was all over my body but it was diagnosed from the scalp. It was discovered after my mom was attempting to do my hair one night.
    I had a crunchy, scabby scalp due to a parasite and had to use a special soap and shampoo for a month - a nightmare you don't want your kid to experience.

    I also experienced a sickness in the head that didn't allow me to stand up for long or play. It was like I was retaining fluid in my head, I was dizzy and always sleeping.
    My head would hurt as soon as I sat up from the bed. I was still about 8 years-old..

    But I mysteriously just healed on my own..
    Leo rising is gifted with great vitality and athleticism, overcoming most sicknesses all on our own.

    I also busted my lip a lot as a kid, or had a scratch on my face..

    The main thing about the Leo Rising child's hair is a the mane.
    Black kids of the ghetto ENVY a child in class with DARK, THICK, WAVY AND HEALTHY hair.

    I had the barettes, bom-boms, braids, and ponytails as a shorty..

    I don't know if I wore my hair like Snoop Dogg, or Snoop Dogg wore his hair like a child.. They world may never know.
    User Submitted Image
    User Submitted Image
    User Submitted Image

    Your mom may have always brushed/combed it, style d it, braided it, washed it for you, or permed/pressed it.
    Her friends and family may have always fawned over your hair as well.. It doesn't necessarily have to be "good hair", but the hair is thick and prominent out in some way. A very well-shaped head and beautiful facial structure as a child.

    Your hair might have rewarded you so much attention - that the attention wasn't always positive. A Leo rising child may often find themselves having to constantly fend off bullies.. Kids are cruel sometimes.

    For example, my hair earned me bullies growing up.. Really just haters.

    A kid had put gum in my hair one time, others tried to quietly cut it with scissors at school, and I have also had about 8-10 dunk chocolate milk on my head at lunch one afternoon - all in 2nd grade.

    I went through a lot that year in 2004, as a kid. The bullying, the injuries, the sickness, the sexualization.

    Anyways, it's a lot of unexplained abuse, haterism and envy with Leo rising people..

    And I hate to be a victim, but I honestly don't think we deserve it. This rising sign is generous, approachable, inviting and has integrity.

    But yet we come around just being ourselves and people turn their nose up at us or want to size us up..

    We we're destined to be these people of flamboyancy.. People look at us like "who the treetrunk that mothertreetrunka think they is?", but as a Leo rising I was gonna do this ANYWAY..

    I was not TRYING..

    The bling, the charm, the charisma, the flashy clothes, colors and patterns.. Came NATURALLY to us.

    Leo Rising at it's best is described as-
    proud, determined, wilful, loyal, solemn, generous, ambitious, courageous, heroic, full of vitality, creative, confident, seductive, happy, daring, majestic, honest, magnanimous, charismatic, responsible, noble, brilliant, radiant, dramatic, affectionate, full of humour, demonstrative, swaggering and self-confident.

    Leo Rising at it's worst is described as -
    domineering, conceited, touchy, authoritarian, stubborn, intolerant, self-centered, irascible, violent, and nonchalant.

    According to ASTROTHEME.

    But you never ever see that Leo Rising is described as JEALOUS, HATEFUL, AND ENVIOUS. Never.

    I can admit to being jealous in relationships, over shared attention from my lover.. But I have never been jealous of who someone is, or out to get a person because I think they are better than me. I am happy in my skin and I don't believe in people being better than myself or others..

    I never understood that butter.. People have died at the hands of envy. It's a dangerous trait to have, I hope y'all out there get some treetrunkin help and security within yourselves.

    Leo Rising presses the most insecure people.
    It is said over and over in traditional astrology that Leo Rising can't go anywhere without being noticed.. Wouldn't that press someone that's insecure? You just simply walked into an establishment, a party or house and everyone in there has given you attention

    It is no doubt that I constantly have all eyez on me
    User Submitted Image

    As a Cancer sun, I require more alone time because of this Ahaa.. It's a gift and a curse.

    A Leo rising may never truly have friends.. Those friends might secretly don't even like you, or wish they were you. Trust me.

    I proudly don't have friends.
    I have certain people I kick it with, but I do not have a best friend.. I don't have a ride or die that I'm always with everyday. I simply can't trust others because I see how they look at me..

    I've been a victim of jealousy too many times.

    I'm sure any Leo rising has.

    If a Leo Rising does have friends, they are either more successful or just as successful but overall happy within themselves and with their lives.
    That's the type of friends a Leo Rising requires. They need equals and awesome beings for friends.. Anyone else will eventually spite them.

    It's not easy for us.

    A Leo rising should stay away from fat people, broke people, alcoholics, unattractive people, basic and trend following people, and COPY-CATS.. Every Leo Rising has a copy-cat.

    I think that's where that term comes from.. A person that knows a Cat rising, also trying to BE a Cat Rising.. AHA.

    Leo ascendants astrologically should also stay away from DARK-SIDED;
    Scorpio Rising, Capricorn Rising, Scorpio energy, Capricorn energy, Taurus energy, Libra suns, Cancer energy, and possibly Aquarius energy.
    -Leo rising makes these people feel very threatened, insecure and hateful.

    May have a fair-deal with Aries energy.. But beware of Aries competition.