Understand The Leo Woman Using Astrology

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  • Im a leo woman very much into aries men, we go amazingly together but are in constant competition because Aries gets jealous of Leo naturally pulling people in, I would only be jealous cause sometimes they can be a little selfish but understanding they need their space is a big thing . Together Aries has big ideas and Leo makes it happen.
  • I'm a Leo woman, and have many options to choose from but Aries men and even one woman in particular will make me drop everything in a heartbeat to spend time with them. Omg ! What is wrong with me ? They're so freaking hot...

    This one guy in particular, I kept turning him down but he would still have great conversations with me & seemed like he was willing to wait until I was ready to meet with him.

    The day finally came I decided to give him a chance... He was very shy, which was very sexy to me. I loved his mysteriousness & the fact he wasn't all over me he took some time to talk about music and things together for hours before he finally got comfortable enough to finally come sit next to me.. He sat there for hella long but kept staring at me in this way like "damn I wanna make a move but I'm afraid she might reject me" type. So I went in for a kiss... Wowwwwwww ! Most passionate butter ever. No guy ever made me feel that way ever... He wrote me like 2 days later saying he really liked my vibe & that I kissed very well etc and if we could hang out again so we did. Same things happened all over again. He even laid in bed naked with me while we played games on my phone together.

    Anyways after 5 times I guess he got bored of me, which was fine, I have other options but he was my favorite. I think he got offended by something I posted on my Snapchat he complimented one of my paintings and he had a very sarcastic attitude. I asked him what was wrong and he took forever to reply back which left me hella puzzled.

    Anyways he stopped talking to me and stopped watching my snaps as much after that day... Then when I finally got the courage I wrote him late one night asking if we could hang out again he ignored it. You know us prideful ole lions I got my feelings hurt only because I felt like I looked super desperate asking him for sex.. We argued a little and that was pretty much the last I heard from him. Besides me posting I wasn't looking for a relationship he sent it back to me saying Factssssssssss... I was like this marker must think I'm crazy about him or something. I am but I never let it show

    Anyways I stopped watching his snaps he barely post any anyways. But I noticed once I stopped watching he has been posting so many like he's trying to entice me to watch or try to make me jealous. Why would he do this if he's the one who sent me on my way ? Is he trying to make me feel whatever I did that made him upset, is he jealous cause he sees I get alot of attention... I wish I could talk to him but obviously being an Aries they can be such immature jerks at times.
  • Posted by Berzerker
    Maybe he is trying too hard to impress you, just start to talk another subject to him and see what happens

    Maybe. Lol but as a Leo woman, I felt he was not showing some respect to me? Lol like some kinda of lust? Do taurus men act like this when they really get attracted to someone? Is this normal to them being like that?
  • Hi I’m new here. I just met a Taurus man. It was an instant attraction. I’m so drawn to him because of his sensuality. I really love he’s touching me. Smelling me despite in public. My question is, as we talk via whatsapp he always talked about sex. How he really wanted me to caress me to touch my face. At first, I was enjoying it (his texts) but now I’m a little confused. Is this normal for a Taurus man? He is always talking about making love. How he is going to please me in bed. I’m a Leo woman, yes I do enjoy sex, I consider it as a divine thing but really? Like everyday? I really do like him. But I don’t like him talking sex every single minute. Lol I’m thinking this is just lust. Should I continue dating him?
  • That's true. Most Leo females can push 100 kg (or 220 pounds) - on a press bench. With ease. If a Leo woman wants a man - she just gets him...

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