libra and capricorn

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    This Capricorn says she’s attracted to me and flirts. I’m attracted to her as well. I told her I wanted her. She told me she was single at first. After I said I wanted her she said she has a “complicated” situation still going on with some guy.. I said
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  • AerialView
    12 inches of rice💨
    male from Arlong Park
    According to dxpnet

    Aries: Confused
    Taurus: Heartbroken
    Gemini: Baffled
    Cancer: Sensitive
    Leo: Frustrated
    Virgo: Hurt
    Libra: Unbalanced
    Scorpio: Obsessed
    Sagittarius: Conflicted
    Capricorn: Curious
    Aquarius: Detached
    Pisces: Ignored
  • Aries: Chaotic cheater
    Taurus: Lawful cheater
    Gemini: True cheater
    Cancer: Neutral cheater
    Leo: Lawful cheater
    Virgo: True cheater
    Libra: Lawful cheater
    Scorpio: Chaotic evil
    Sagittarius: True cheater
    Capricorn: Lawful loyal
    Aquarius: Chaotic cheater
    Pisces: Chaotic loyal
  • Aries: innovative, exhausting

    Taurus: steady, sweet, worry-warts lol

    Gem: I'm impressed by their intelligence.

    Cancer: They get me. I don't get them though. Lol
    Super duper sensitive

    Leo: so stylish, and I like how well they handle pressure, hilarious

    Virgo: wacky sense of humor, sweet and childlike, a bit mechanical

    Libra: sneaky 😂

    Scorpio: I feel like they have what I lack. We always connect on food. Lol

    Sagittarius: bold

    Capricorn: They're some of my favorite people. They're funny, hard working, strong, reliable and loyal. I used to think they were not very affectionate. But, whenever I've gone through the most crap in my life, a Capricorn has always popped up and stood by my side. They love in their own way. Not a romantic way though from my experience.

    Aquarius: I always dislike their wild ideas at first. Then, I love those same wild ideas after a while. 😂

    Pisces: so freaking loving and lovable
  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your posts and thoughts. To give more context of the astrology world:
    Moon: Leo
    Rising: Gemini
    Venus: Virgo
    (And pretty much everything else is Virgo in my chart)

    Sun: Virgo
    Moon: Aries
    Venus: Don't remember ... maybe Libra

    TBH, we have been just in communication a lot ...nothing in terms of pursuing a romantic anything, but getting to know each other. I am personally giving this guy an open window, if he decides to enter, then great. However, I'm not giving him the open door, haha...I'm also getting to know another person who aligns more with me and more leaning on this new fella.

    New fella:
    Sun: Capricorn
    Moon: Picses
    Venus: Aquarius

    Side note: I've dated a Virgo man before...he took me on lavishing dates, opened up to me, and was very attentive. However, when he expressed doubt in our connection...I didn't want to risk it -- had too many flighty lovers in the past to put myself in a position of chasing to no avail (thanks Aquarius guys, love y'all, but not as a emotional romantic pairing) I called it quits with the other Virgo male.

    I'm very selective in my partner but more in the sense of wanting stability and reassurance.

    Anyway, if anything exciting happens with the Virgo guy...I'll update here.

    I personally don't think that Virgo and Leo pairings are bad...the one's I've dated (or that have expressed a romantic interest in me) have been gentlemen, respectful, and intellectually stimulating. They just require patience, if feeling you out.

  • Senorita_LLP2
    I Love To Smile. I'm A Happy Little treetrunker!
    Aries: It's great for a short while.
    Taurus: My beaches forever and ever.
    Gemini: 🤷‍♀️
    Cancer: Feck! Pretty much fun to be with. I have a soft spot for them, as friends.
    Leo: Yo kittens, love your love. Meowww
    Virgo: Fun as friends, NO for Love.
    Libra: Until you learn how to be decisive, I won't be around you that much. LoooL
    Scorpio: Good friends I supposed?
    Sagittarius: Love hate rs with these mofos. Can never hate them tho'. It's hard and Idk why. Feck them all.
    Capricorn: Hi Satan. Date me please....
    Aquarius: Ok alien, I love yall still. So please, get your act together.
    Pisces: Ahhh I heart this sign now. They stick to me like glue. LooooL
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