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  • Libra trying to be good lol

    Oh my second date. We got to know each other more & had a great time again! He put me in my car again so we’d be good. It’s so hard! We both talked about why & we want to wait. We want this to go farther & sometimes screws things up :) we planned date 3
  • is this a good match?

    man > aqua sun 5.43 in 5th house • aqua venus 26.51 in 5th house • taurus moon 23.20 in 8th house • libra rising 4.20 • capricorn mercury 29.35 in 4th house • libra mars 29.51 in 1st house • pisces jupiter 26.18 woman > aries sun 28.14 in 7th house • a
  • What can you tell me about these placements ..they are mine :)

    Libra is my chart Ruler ... Dominant planets moon venus and pluto. Dominant signs Libra and scorpio.
  • Libra invites you

    Is it a good sign that a libra guy is inviting you to a getaway with his friends?
  • QUICK someone

    Tell me about my chart Sun Libra Asc Scorpio Moon Aries Venus in Virgo Mars Scorpio Neptune Chancla
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  • HeavyEntertainmentShow
    Blindly you came to me finding peace and relief in my smile.
    Posted by Lioness18881
    Posted by HeavyEntertainmentShow
    Posted by GemLover
    Posted by tiziani
    blocking MyStarsShine seems pretty random.

    You have to be having a really bad day.

    She's a follower. Follows up with the crowd. I know dazed now known as Arkansassy suffers greatly from depression as well as I do. I know what it feels like to be depressed. There's times I've thought about suicide. That butter ain't no joke. And to say I have no sympathy is downright sickening. She doesn't know me and my feelings. I have and show no sympathy for those who is healthy and well enough to start butter with me for no reason at all. Be it depression or physically ill. And that's why she's blocked. I have no time for that.

    Around here we need more Aries-stellium-with-a-touch-of-Aqua people who prefer to lead, not follow. Scorps like to act all tough but they're the true DXP betas, constantly playing second fiddle to others. That's why they always go after people in groups because they can't take the heat on their own.

    And if one doesn't believe me, just take a look at some of the Scorps DXP has on offer. Nikkistar, Arkanbutterty, Rabbit, Ellesbelles and...........oh what the hell, you can hardly tell them apart anymore. They start to blend after a while. They might as well all be the same person. No originality or flare, just the same ol vanilla cookiemonstercraft & epeen shrinkage.

    They might as well change their name to Terramine. click to expand

    😕 i thought you were a scorp...
    click to expand

    I'd rather stick my penis in a live volcano than be a Scorp or Libra. I'm a cuddly pufferfish

    User Submitted Image

    with an Aries stellium & a Virgin moon (but not a virgin sphincter).

    What are you grinning at, missy?
  • Oh my second date. We got to know each other more & had a great time again! He put me in my car again so we’d be good. It’s so hard! We both talked about why & we want to wait. We want this to go farther & sometimes sex screws things up smile we planned date 3 in my town because if it was in his town we wouldn’t be good. 😂😂 woah. I take this as a good sign he is trying so hard to wait?

    Oh my so much laughing & giving each other butter. I did find out he’s a September Libra smile but not the day yet!!
  • My all time favourite team :
    Churchill - Sag
    Monty - Scorpio

    My personal favourite :

    George C. Marshall
    Konrad Adenauer, both married to Libra woman.
  • AfternoonDelights22
    We on Neptune probably smoking weed
    User Submitted Image

    1. What will be the result of the following Irish Premier Division football match?
    A. Waterford Wins
    B. Derry City Wins [Libra Mars Snowballs]
    C. Draw [Aqua Rising Creed]

    2. Who will win the NCAA Womens Lacrosse Semi Final?
    A. James Madison Dukes [Aqua Rising Creed]
    B. North Carolina Tarheels [Libra Mars Snowballs]

    3. Who will win Game 1 of the following NCAA Softball Super Regional series?
    A. Tennessee Volunteers [Libra Mars Snowballs]
    B. Georgia Bulldogs [Aqua Rising Creed]
  • AfternoonDelights22
    We on Neptune probably smoking weed

    1. Libra Sun Vice: (2GP) 2-0-0 (4 pts) [1.000] GF:5/GA:1/gd: +4 *2 Wins
    2. Gemini Mars Mischief Makers: (2GP) 2-0-0 (4 pts) [1.000] GF:4/GA:1/gd: +3 *2 Wins
    3. Gemini Mercury Deception: (2GP) 2-0-0 (4 pts) [1.000] GF:4/GA:2/gd: +2 *2 Wins
    4. Aries Moon Fire (1GP) 1-0-0 (2 pts) [1.000] GF:2/GA:0/gd: +2 *1 Win
    5. Taurus Taco Mars: (2GP) 1-1-0 (2 pts) [.500] GF:3/GA:3/gd: 0 *1 Win
    5. Scorpio Mars Retribution: (2GP) 0-2-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:3/GA:3/gd: 0 *1 Win
    7. Gentle Scorp in Ur-anus: (2GP) 1-1-0 (2 pts) [.500] GF:3/GA:3/gd: 0
    7. Scorpio Rising Stingers: (2GP) 1-1-0 (2 pts) [.500] GF:3/GA:3/gd: 0
    9. Scorpio Venus Obsession: (2GP) 1-1-0 (2 pts) [.500] GF:2/GA:3/gd: -1
    10. Aqua Mars Logic: (2GP) 0-2-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:2/GA:4/gd: -2
    11. Libra Mars Snowballs: (1GP) 0-1-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:2/gd: -1
    12. Aquarius Rising Creed: (2GP) 0-2-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:4/gd: -3
    13. Cancer Sun Crime: (2GP) 0-2-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:5/gd: -4
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