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  • Libra horoscopes say mid april things are going to get a lot better but these past two weeks have been very difficult. Like in bed and crying difficult. Why are things so bad?
  • nicodemus
    34 years old male from Arizona

    Truly, it is nice to have you about again Nic. We don't always agree, as you know, but I love the conversations and respect your pursuit of truth.

    Welcome back!"

    Thank you LS. It's nice come around once and a while and take part in intelligent conversations with posters like you. Like you said we don't always agree but I think how you and I process things is really similar so I get a sense of familiarity in disagrement with you. I respect your pursuit of truth as well.

    "it makes me laugh how people think libras will avoid confilct, i love fighting for some reason it gives me a rush if im mad and diplomacy has failed than we can engage in fisticuffs got damn it. Keep think libras wont fight that assI've been in plenty"

    I feel you. I don't really try to avoid conflict. I actually tend to go toward it. However there is a distinct difference for me in how I initially react depending on the circumstances. If I am watching it unfold before me between two other parties I get a nervous feeling, though, it doesn't show. If someone attacks me out of no where I get a nervous feeling, though, it rarely shows. If someone is doing something unjust or wrong in my opinion, I start it.

    In first two scenarios I get a nervous, tense feeling and my mind goes into overdrive trying to process every detail and avoid it. If it can not be avoided then the switch flips and I go into the "Zone" so to speak. weather words or fists I tend to just act and react and destroy the cause of the confrontation weather person or otherwise.

    Here is the interesting part, and I know it is a Libra part. When it does go to fists I get pretty sadistic. Physical violence almost seems easy to me, like child's play. I feel like the adversary is in slow motion and as dangerous as a pillow and I have the luxury of picking where I want to hurt the other person and how much. Now, where the hell is that in our pussified Libra horoscopes?

    "And we will lash out in words firsat when we are angry and try to tear you a new marker with words..."

    Yup. What about this though? For me it is primarily a psychological battle weather with words, body language or fists. I butter talk and provoke certain reactions just to deal specific damage like a cat playing with a mouse. Once someone takes me to the point where it is a confrontation my only priority is utter dominance of that person. Making them actually realize that the state in which they are left is totally in my control.
  • amyrose
    Hi.I've got long brownish black hair and dark eyes.
    41 years old female
    hi,actually i did post a msg on the cancer board as i m a cancerian[june 22].my husband is the libran [oct 22].right now,he is overseas.God,i know i sound like a real fool,but i m getting so paranoid bcs he hasnt called for sumtime n i happened to read the libra horoscopes which say tht libras will embark on an affair with their colleague.i jus cant do anything ow.i m so afraid its going to happen to me n my husband.i cant contact him as well.i feel so paranoid right now.i adore my husband.he is simply amazing..but i m afraid sum1 will seduce him as we r so far from each other.we jus got married in jan 4th n he flew off immediately.I havent seen him yet,he is coming back soon,but i m scared tht sum 1 will seduce him.pls tell me wht shd i astro abby's horoscope accurate n wht abt msn horoscope?both said the same thing.are these horoscopes accurate or not?pls advise wht to do.
  • Unregistered
    I came across this in the Libra horoscopes. It made me think of the answer I gave to Sloane yesterday about losing her job. It also made me think of all the people murdered everyday in the name of revenge in the middle east.

    Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold. Not so. It is a dish best not served at all. When we inflict suffering on others, no matter how seeminly great the justification, we do ourselves untold psychological harm. The saying "this is going to hurt me more than it is you" then is a true statement. We cut ourselves off, sometimes irrevocably, from our most precious asset--sensitivity. We compromise our own ability to forgive and forget--yet if we do not have this, we have nothing of any value!