Understanding Venus in Libra using Astrology

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  • scorpiosnow
    Scorpio sun/rising/venus * Gemini moon * Leo mars * Libra mercury
    Hey guys, this has been tugging at my brain for a while so I thought I'd ask y'all for some advice.

    Ever since I was a child I've felt CURSED in the love department. I don't rule out the possibility of a witch having casted a spell over my fetus self at some point at all.

    I've always been very confident in general, regarding my interests, friends, social gatherings etc (I'm a Gemini moon though so I battle anxiety sometimes, but overall quite confident). The only department I've never been confident in is love. I was literally born with the feeling of not being enough, like I border wasn't even worthy of love. I have no idea where this comes from, I just know that feeling has always been there.

    As a child I would crush on boys in school but I would never EVER tell them because I knew they wouldn't like me back and I was so utterly terrified of rejection, so instead I just dated them in my head. I spent so much time dreaming up scenarios with these people rather than ever making it happen.

    As I got older I started moving into real relationships, but only with really, really destructive people. I would sacrifice so much of myself in order to please my two previous long term boyfriends, to the point where it mentally screwed me up.

    I've been casually dating aswell, but everytime I find someone I like and it looks like it's going somewhere great - I find out they've got a girlfriend at home, or some bs like that. I've lost count of how many times I've almost ended up being "the other woman."

    My luck in love is absolute dog butter, I can't catch a break.

    This is the venus placements/aspects I was born with:
    Venus in scorpio in 12th house
    Venus in retrograde
    Venus square mars
    Venus conjunct jupiter
    Venus sexstile neptune
    Venus opposition Lilith
    Venus conjunct Asc node
    Venus conjunct Ascendant

    And then my general placements are:
    Scorpio ascendant/venus/pluto/sun, Gemini moon, leo mars, libra mercury etc.

    I read this today "According to old Astrology lore, someone with this placement is doomed to overwhelming pain and sorrow in the love department and often has at least one experience of unrequited love to endure."

    Is this literally gonna be the pattern for the rest of my life? Does anyone else have similar placements?
  • Sag898
    *Sun Sag *Rising Cancer *Merc Cap *Moon Leo *Mars Scorpio *Venus Aquarius
    28 years old female
    We are chart buddies! Except that Venus in virgo lol

    Libra and Leo's = Love
  • Posted by MyStarsShine
    Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    Posted by MyStarsShine
    Mother wound
    Wounding around women


    Please elaborate... It sounds about right at least for me.

    It can indicate having a wounded mother or the mothering you received felt painful. You may have similar issues being a mother, although I would argue that with awareness this could be healed 💙. You may encounter women with issues...and it can also mean profound sensitivity in both yourself and others you meet. Which house/s are the planets in and what aspect do they make to each other?

    I hope you are doing okay 😘
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    Thank you lady. ❤️ And yes, my mom did have a painful time taking care of me during my earlier years because of the medical issues I had at birth... Pluto in my 5th House makes me wary about wanting to bear children myself. And the sensitivity part is unfortunately correct, haha... I have a short temper.

    House I: Cancer
    Moon in Cancer
    Sun in Leo

    House 2: Leo, empty

    House 3: Virgo
    Mercury in Virgo
    Venus in Virgo

    House 4: Libra
    Mars in Virgo
    Chiron in Virgo

    House 5: Scorpio
    Pluto in Sagittarius

    House 6: Sagittarius, empty

    House 7: Capricorn
    Uranus in Aquarius
    Neptune in Capricorn

    House 8: Aquarius
    Jupiter in Aquarius

    House 9: Pisces, empty

    House 10: Aries
    Saturn in Aries

    House 11: Taurus, empty

    House 12: Gemini, empty
  • @Scotteh - I sort of agree. But a persons astro chart does help deterine their personality. Not definitively mind you but it plays a part in helping to vet someone for dating.

    @Chuckcam - I have a Sag Moon, Mars In Sag, Venus in Libra . I am just a more not mellow perse, but easygoing guy. Little things dont rile me like they do with virgo moons in my experience. They tend to massively overthink and be paranoid about everyone

    And they are super workaholic too. I'm driven myself but not where it runs my life completely. Leos can have control issues too unless they have either sag, gem or aqua moon. I'm not trying to control anything or anyone. I believe in a relationship of equals that my parents had

    I hate generalizing but it does seem no matter what the sun sign is, that virgo moon influence is strong as hell. I like taurus moons better as they are more easygoing.

    But virgo moon girls are always hot and it is hard for me to pull away lol
  • cris0417
    aries sun libra moon libra rising aries mercury/venus taurus mars/jupiter/satur
    I went to a psychic and she told me my whole life, then she said im going to get married once, have 3 kids. two twins one girl. I said what’s the sign of the guy? she said sagittarius. 30 minutes later my friend brings me to this house to hang out its like. a hang out house. this BEAUTIFULL guy is there so my other friend talks to him because they have a mutual friends meanwhile im off 3 edibles. she asks him his sign and he says sagittarius. my friend who brought me there and i bust out laughing. then I think about it and have a vision.

    anyways left but found each other on instagram and he says i’m fine whatever, lets hang out. so 2/3 days later we hang out and slowly warm up to each other randomly decide to go watch the first purge (great movie). cuddle in the movies. come back, make out, and then he eats me out.. 3 times in 6 hours I don’t know why. he’s like you don’t have to reciprocate i like to please more than be pleased. but like tuh i’m going to reciprocate. so boom i spend the night, (no sex, im a virgin, and he appreciates that because he said idk what he said but he respects appreciates etc etc) we talk for like 4 hours about how he feels likes he’s never felt before and how he wants to treat me and how its goin to go. so I let him in on how the psychic said I was going to meet him. (the vision i had was head). he said he had a feeling when i walked in and his body tensed up. so yea here’s our charts, i’m the aries.

    he’s sagittarius sun virgo moon taurus rising sagittarius mercury aquarius venus cancer mars jupiter libra saturn aquarius uranus capricorn neptune capricorn (dec 15, 1992 2:38 pm chesapeake, virginia)

    I’m aries sun libra moon libra rising aries mercury aries venus taurus mars, jupiter, and saturn uranus aquarius neptune aquarius (april 17, 2000 6:05 pm chicago illionis) (im mature :p trauma amirite)

    anyways how compatible and incompatible? tips? pros n cons? wat yall think of everything also? movin 2 fast n sayin 2 much bc impulsivity :p?