Understand The Libra Woman Using Astrology

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  • Jade_Alexander
    Libra ☀️ Gemini 🌙
    Posted by OneKnight
    Figure out like this: First Impression based on facts below, then don't rule anything out and observe for a while. Air people are slim, Earth are wider, Water have weird body proportions.

    First Impressions:
    Libra - cheek dimples, slim, pretty
    Cancer - tall forehead, square jaw
    Taurus - twinkle in their eyes
    Scorpio - lower lip bend outside, straight hair, eyes
    Gemini - beautiful eyebrows, slim
    Sagittarius - most beautiful upper lip (look up Swift Tyler lips), straight hair
    Leo - Big wavy hair, puppy eyes, cookiemonstery first impression
    Capricorn - wearing a watch, square jaw
    Pisces - dreamy eyes, pretty
    Aries - eyes close to each other, small child like body
    Virgo - strong eyes, wavy hair, wide hips
    Aqua - can't figure it out, straight hair, slim, pretty

    I’ve heard dimples mentioned for Libra woman quite a bit.

    I do have them... my Libra daughter does not. Poor thing.
  • Jade_Alexander
    Libra ☀️ Gemini 🌙
    How how would you identify a Libra woman?

    Considering October is one of the most popular months for people to be born it’s hard to imagine we’d all look alike.
  • This is why I don't quack with Aries men they will hurt a Libra woman. Stay away from them Libras.
  • A libra woman but she ruined it with plastic surgery. Tragic because she’s in her early/mid twenties.
  • Posted by hollyhock
    I can't believe so many are saying Cap and Libra. I never see this pair or have ever heard about it.

    Cap only seems to be able to function with: other caps, aqua, virgo, cancer, rarely a scorpio maybe every now and then a pisces.
    i'm surprised too! Wonder if its Cap woman - Libra man or Cap man - Libra woman that always find a way back to eachother ❤