Anyone have Sun in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces?

I have done as much research as I could on familiarizing myself with these kind of guys over web pages so I have a vague
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Hey, Aquarius' with Venus in Pisces, that's what my Aquarius ex is! Would you guys comment on my post please. I need your help. I'm trying to talk to him again and could use as much advice as possible. Thank you


I have both Sun and Venus in Pisces. I have the Moon in Aquarius. So, with this placement, I feel related enough to this thread to help. All I can offer you is a glimpse of my own behavior in a relationship.

When my girlfriend and I first got together she was passionate from the onset: crazy about me, physically and emotionally on fire. I was the opposite though. I was slow in coming around. I likened my heart to the turning of a takes time. I guess I was cold and frigid, taking too long to warm up. I was also guarded and cautious. My ideals are high. I knew what I wanted was unconditional love and I was afraid she might not be able to give that to me. But, as time went on it began not to matter since my love for her was growing.

We started out as best friends and as girlfriend and boyfriend. It seemed like it was meant to be and we both believed it. Signs seemed to be happening all the time; it was spiritual I believe. Something that surprised me is that we began to fight a lot. We were stubborn in our ways and couldn't resolve differences.

Then one day she tells me the feelings are gone and we're not to see each other anymore. I asked her where the turning point was for her and she said, "Balboa." This was the place I had made her cry. At the time I didn't want to be there. I still remember that day and I regret my insensitivity. The place had meaning to her. It was important that she share it with me.

Time moves on but my heart does not. Months later she gave me the opportunity to be her friend. But, I looked ahead to the inevitable: one day I would have to see another man take my place, see her marry someone who isn't me. This would destroy me, so I opted for my solution which was to get back together with her. She didn't want to do that. So now she remains a memory, and I miss her so much.

In short, differences may be huge at first, but they will someday not matter anymore. A venus in pisces person can be slow at first, but the love will come and may grow too strong. I would go back to Balboa for her...

A thousand times.
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My husband is has a Venus in Pisces and im a Pisces which is of course, ideal. You would have never guessed his capacity to love from our first years. He has a true heart of gold though. But it doesnt show unless they want to give it to you. When they do, its heavy. He isnt emotional but his love is deep. Im the emotional one. His is a steadfast love.
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Hey, Aquarius' with Venus in Pisces, that's what my Aquarius ex is! Would you guys comment on my post please. I need your help. I'm trying to talk to him again and could use as much advice as possible. Thank you
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thanks for the information 'Gemini78' it helped a great deal

and 'AybLynk' why do you dislike it?

yeh I know Im 2 years late but I think this placement makes me extra sensitive to the people around me and its annoying.
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I'm also a female Aquarius with pisces in venus. It really depends on whom I'm with. My Aries ex brought out the Aquarius side of me. We were living together for 6 years, at the beginning of the relationship, things were better when he had to do frequent business trips. I had the space I needed. Things going downhill when he stopped flying and cried for more affection from my side. I felt suffocated and a loss of individual identity. My pisces venus kept putting up with his irresponsible acts until my Aquarius ended it all. I found it hard to talk about my emotions so my Aries was in huge rage.

Then I met this Taurus guy who brought out the Pisces Venus in me. His aloofness aroused my insecurity and I was extremely affectionate. Even I was very surprised about this side of me. Unfortunately he was too cold and judgmental and we're back to normal friends now. I don't like people playing with my insecurity and I'm actually hating my venus coz it makes me sensitive and vulnerable and very much feeling like a doormat but it is NOT the usual me.
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Aquarius with Venus in pisces as well (but I'm a woman). I'm not sure it plays a role in it, but I've never been in a relationship where I didn't have any feelings at all. I'm good at being upfront about my feelings but only if I feel like they will be accepted. I hata grand romantic gestures but I'm still a romantic at heart, romance juste doesn't mean the same thing to me as it does to many people (for me it's all about the small things!). I don't have a tendency to flirt but I do have guy friends and I value their friendship very much, so when my ex got jealous of them it was a real problem for me! Friendship is just as important to me as a relationship, and my partner has got to understand that it doesn't mean I don't love him or that I'm gonna cheat on him (I have very strong principles against cheating!). But I would never try to be flirtatious in front of my boyfriend (unless I feel like he doesn't even care, which might make me want to test him if I'm being immature... or drunk). So if you know this by another way than witnessing it (reading his text messages or going on his facebook account), then for an aquarius you're doing something wrong: I like my independence and my privacy, it's important to me that I still have my own separate life from my partner, and your risk breaking my trust. Plus by being clingy, you would actually be pushing me away....

Hope it helps a bit But I understand that this is me, it might have sthg to do with other signs in my chart or maybe it's different for girls?
If you have any question, please ask!
The lead singer to MSG is an Aquarius Sun / Pisces Venus. The lead singer/guitarist of Cinderella is as well. The second guitarist in Cinderella is a Pisces Sun. Very strong Piscean energy in both these performances complimenting well the Aquarius Sun position.

As an Aquarius man with Venus in Pisces, let me cut to the chase. The reason this combination can be seen as "untrustworthy," "flirtatious," and "the cheating type" is because 1)Pisces is a sign of universal (rather than personal) love, so "faithful boundaries" will appear less existent, if at all, and 2) Aquarius is a social sign, the sign of friendships, groups, etc.. Combine those two, and the shadow side of Aquarius Sun/Pisces Venus will yield all of what has been posted among the darker elements so far on this thread.

Speaking for myself, I do tend to thrive in groups, but when it comes to relationships, I try to make it very clear to the person I'm interested in that I'm theirs. Once I commit (and I do commit), reciprocation is appreciated.

A reason Venus in Pisces can "roam the field" is a bit complicated, but one of the things it can boil down to is this: we give so much in love and affection that it's a tall order to return it in kind, and when it isn't, or isn't done with the same heartfelt (Pisces) sincerity (Aquarius), our efforts can feel all for nothing. So, we either try again and again and again (Pisces), or we simply move on to the next promising partner (Aquarius). One thing that must be understood about us Aquarius Sun / Pisces Venus people is that even though our affections can appear to have an overly generous side, our apparent darker side of cheating, womanizing, etc. can more or less be the result of a lack of love in return. Not to place blame on anyone else, but if love and affection isn't being returned, who would want to stick around?
Thank you all for your replies much appreciated! Yes he's opened up more actually, quite shocking, also my Venus is in Sagittarius and his is in Pisces he is more emotional than me lol. Moreover, my close friend who is also an Aquarius has the exact same birth natal chart as him! and we get along great the only difference is the gender =D
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My daughter has this placement, we've both Venus in Pisces. She's got such a loving heart coupled with the fixed. So many phone calls of "Why am I like this?" Well let's take a stroll you and I.
Good luck OP.
wow thanks for the reply sabrina! that helped a great deal I shall take into account what you have advised and when in doubt keep reminding myself that it they are still the typical aquarians at heart. Yeah the aquarius seem to teach you something new I quite like, esp for us librans lol

I shall update you if anything major happens tho x
One more thought...even though they flirt a lot and have many female friends if you've gotten as far as getting them to even call you their girlfriend is a feat in itself. Getting them to stay is another before you get demoted and fall back into the ranks with the others. And there are many others, all hopeful for more because he is good at making them feel like there could be a slight chance. They are good at that! A million life preservers everywhere in case the main ship sinks, lol.
Also one thing to note - the reason why I even appreciate him in my life is for the fact that he has actually helped me see myself from a different perspective and I am now making changes to become a better person in many ways.
I am a Libra as well and dated an Aqua sun Pisces Venus for about 7 months. He didn't really have trouble expressing his emotions for me but wasn't really the romantic type either. I had trouble trusting him because he was pretty flirtatious with other girls esp. sending them messages and what not. I caught him trying to holler at other girls via text and facebook and when I confronted him he admitted to crossing the line and apologized. He spent 4-5 days with me every week and said that by him spending all of his free time with me I should show that he only cared about me.
Ultimately, the lack of trust is what ruined the relationship, spiraling my sanity out of control eventually. I began to smother him I suppose and we argued every other day.
Currently, we are working at being friends but obviously feelings are still there. I'd say he might just want an fwb type of relationship except for the fact that he still shows he cares for me on a more deeper level.
My conclusion is that they expect you to take them for face value - what they show or tell you is basically what they feel. You just have to put your faith and trust in them that they are being up front. Unless you catch them in a lie you just gotta roll with it. And when you do catch them in a lie they usually feel pretty bad about it. My ex broke up with me because he was over it and said he didn't want to cheat on me. No sugar-coating there. But now he is sending mixed signals, still wants to see me and hang out. I'd say it is harder to get them to come around again once they decide to leave. If you really want them prevent them from leaving in the first place. And put your faith in him even through all the flirting etc. Sounds fun, eh?
thanks for the information 'Gemini78' it helped a great deal

and 'AybLynk' why do you dislike it?
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