Aquarius man and Virgo woman

I am a Virgo woman in the early throes of a relationship with an Aquarius man. I must say this relationship feels nat
I am a Virgo woman in the early throes of a relationship with an Aquarius man.

I must say this relationship feels natural, good, peaceful and charged with intellectual and sexual tension.

True to form, he is detached, aloof, intelligent, very friendly and needs lots of space. I am emotionally reserved, intelligent, very friendly and enjoy my solitude. We match well. My father is also an Aquarius, so this man feels very familiar to me.

For months we have danced around one another, talking, feeling one another out, seeing how we feel and where things can go. He has held me off for some time, but I was fully aware and patient enough to wait for him to get to the place where he began to pay attention.

We seem to be able to strike a BALANCE and that is a keyword. That balance is concerning the ways in which we are both aloof or distant with each other; we are both intellectual and enjoy talking. Sometimes he is more daring in showing me attention when we are in public. Other times it is me. When he does not pay attention to me decently, I let him have his space.

He has also been able to see that I am not a jealous woman; not even when he let a VERY jealous Leo woman (who wanted him and maliciously defamed me) live iwth him for a few weeks because she claimed she had nowhere to go; not even when he went away for a long weekend with that same woman and some other people for a friendly retreat.

You see, I know that in the end, this man is my partner. I know he has feelings for me and I told him point blank. He has not denied his feelings for me. I know he will not have sex with someone unless he is in a relationship with them, and he has not been ready for a relationship.....until now. I know the jealous Leo woman even made a pass at him and he turned her down. I totally trust him.

We attend the same social events frequently but as yet it is still in the flurting sage, touching each other, making smalltalk and witty commens, laughing together. I know he is imensely sexually attracted to me and it pleases me. I think he is HOT. I have my own life with several things happening in it. He has his own.

This is how Aquarius' and Virgos like things to be - to have a partner who is intelligent, caring, flirtatious, respectful, able to make a life of their own, and to do things in the right time.

I will let you know how things progress.

Are there any other Aquarius male/Virgo female couples?
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he literally pulls me...oh holyness...::wipes sweat::

*tightens the rope* rarr!
" Maybe...someday.
male from the WILD
Planetary positionsplanet sign degree motion Sun Aquarius 28?20'34 in house
shhhh voyeur!!
" Maybe...someday.
"I love cartoons,the old days,listening to music,spending time with my family a
I can say the same about the virgo/aqua relationship too.I am a virgo girl.We make good eye contact and I feel like I never did when I was around him. It was creepy when we made eye contact though. It was like he wants to read my mind or something.I just wanted to run!! Anyway, we could have been in a good relationship(preferably friends at first anyway).Too bad I ignored him, and lost him.
Don't lose yours!
Hello everyone,

Just an update......

Things have been very busy as I am working on different projects.

Mr. Aquarius is much the same, and very Aquarian. LOL, sometimes he does things that are textbook Aquarian (tells lies and when found out he tries to claim others misunderstood or do not any longer possess the ability to remember something correctly, or he tries tests to see how much space he can get etc).

Me? Well I remind him with a hearty laugh that it is my profoundly sharp memory that helped me be such a great journalist and increasingly he uses that tactic less and less and owns his gaffes, saying "fair enough". As far as space, I cheerfuly tell him to go and enjoy whatever it is he has planned, whether spur of the moment or not.

We recently had a hilarious incident where he was coming up with many reasons to distance himself. One thing included a trip we are both going on with friends at the end of May. In April, after dinner at his place one night he showed me the list of cooking teams and how we were on the last cooking team, making breakfast. In the last few days he was testing me for space and I told him to do what he needs to do if he needs some time alone because it would give me some space too at a time when I am quite busy mentally and physically. I could intuitively feel his anger spike. Then he sent me (and the entire group) a list for the trip and on it was a REVISED cooking team list where he had removed himself from my cooking team. I waited several hours and then told him that there apparently is some problem with cooking with me since he removed therefore remove me from the cooking teams completely. I did not specify that he was having a problem with me, just that there obviously was some problem. He said the list was the original one and had never changed...that my recollection was incorrect. laughed and said we both know how sharp my memory is and that I was to have a relaxing trip with no problems so I will not be cooking at all and that I will let him "fix" it (meaning make some soothing excuse for me and/or make a new list without me on it, or whatever he needs to do so there are no hard feelings from anyone else on the trip because of his game). LOL. I told him I am going for an early walk that Sunday morning and will not be around for breakfast. Now he is working on a way to spin it..... LOL. I am not concerned.

Meanwhile, we still chat or see one another a few times a week.

Had I mentioned
Had I mentioned that he has neve rbefore had a girlfriend, only on serious crush that never developed into anything? He had a humiliating, shaming first sexual intercourse as a "hookup" with someone and he is terefore very shy and nervous about women, bodies, sex. He is basically a sexual and relationship virgin so I am moving rather slowly.....

I must get back to my projects!
And what happened next??? Um curious .... VirgoBeloved??
sun: aquarius moon: taurus mars: sagittarius venus: pisces rising/ascendant: li >> this is a site made by an aqua man in tribute to his relationship w/ his virgo wife. u might enjoy it never read the virgo stuff on here, but everything he says about aquas is all true. enjoy!
I met an aquarian man on memorial day of last year. There was no interest at all. Actually a friend of mine was very interested in him. His voice sounds like Lou Rawls or Barry White. I was at an BBQ with a friend who had been injured and need help to get to this early afternoon shing ding and me being the person I am I volunteered to take her. Another friend mine and I were sitting in the lounge area and this guy comes through with shades on, looking in our direction. Although, I was engaged in conversation with another gentleman I noticed him looking in our direction. I knodded my head in a respectful hello way and continued my conversation. As I was putting my friend in the car he came up behind me and wrapped his sweaty arms around me and I nearly freaked out. Not from being startled but the mere fact he put sweaty arms around me as I was wearing a strapless jumpsuit shorts. He spoke these words in my ear, "I don't want her I want you." I didn't respond, that was bold I thought. What can you do when a man knows what he want? It felt disgusting with it being hot as I don't what. Jumping ahead month or should I jump ahead. Okay, I won't you might find this quite interesting. The girlfriend I was with (not the one I was helping)like I said earlier is interested in this man. Also, I need to mention we frequent this place on Sunday's for ole skool. The friend never said she was interested verbally but as a woman you know the signs. So the next Sunday we went and low and behold there he was. While I was dancing he came up and started dancing with me. I pointed to my friend and said you need to be talking to her and he repeated those same words again. I just walked away, messin up my groove ( that's my exercise).

By now, I started to notice him and said to myself not bad looking at all. I know the protocol with man interests of a girlfriend. The girlfriend sensed this man was into me and "acted like" she wasn't interested anymore, but we know better. I gave her the opportunity to attract this man the best way she knew how, and I stood idle. I brushed this man away from me at every contact he made toward me. Well, one Sunday no one wanted to go to the club, so I went by myself, this how I get my exercise, shoot! Well, here he comes, dressed very and looking very dapper and lets not leave out I was on my second drink and it doesn't take much for me to be buzzed but in control. I was sitting at the bar when I saw him come in and I turned
he didn't notice me, you know he did and came right over and offered to buy me a drink, I pointed at the one I was drinking which was more than half full. We started conversating and I found myself to be very intrigued and turned on at the same time. The one thing that caught my attention the most is when he said he noticed me two years ago at McDonald's and I looked with an undescrible facial expression. At this point it is one month later. By the end of the night we were never separated again literally. That Monday we went to dinner and something I never do, I stayed at his place and the next night he stayed at mine and never left. He fell for me at first sight and once I saw him for the first time for real I fell for him as well. We live together in my home and he rents his out, until he finds a buyer.

The moral to all this is the Horoscope reading is on point. Yes we have disagreements, sometimes very heated arguments, because I'm not a submissive woman and at times he can really work my nerves and I can work his, but we balance each other. But he loves me and I love him. Yes we have gone through a lot of nonsense from my family and his. We are grown period. Yes there are times I say to myself what the hell have I done, as well as him. I respect the fact when says he need space by saying you can have space, but allow me to have mine no matter how I choose to use it. His eyes widen and he no longer needs space. Im not a game player and did not start off that way and I will continue to express what I feel no matter what. He is old fashion in his ways which I am accustomed to so I can manage that behavior well. He would rather have me all to himself and he would be very happy, but in the real world this will never happen. We are experiencing different behaviors that we did not know beforehand because we didn't date (You have to be strong to be in this type relationship, especially if you are free spirited individual. He listens, communicates and open to try new things is what I love about him. He's also stubborn about certain things as well. He's never been married no children. Only responsible for him and this is wear our battle lies. Slowly but surely he coming around, he now involves himself with homework duty, and outside time, which is great.

I just went out and met this aqua guy and the attraction was subtle but instant...I was with a leo guy who's sweet but I see him more as a friend...I know he wants more though. Anyways me in the aqua chatted a little here and there...I didn't want to be a jerk to the Leo and string him along and hurt him that would just not be cool. Had fun with the aqua he was sweet to take pictures of my friends since it was a birthday bash. Just before I was leaving the lounge I got a stressful call about my aunt and had to walk out. None of my friends noticed but he picked it up suddenly and even came outside the lounge area to see if I was ok.
I was surprised and was really emotional due to the call. He asked me what happened I was stupid and blabbered something about work...but who gets a work call at 3 in the morning. I wish I was more relaxed we could of at least exchanged numbers...I don't know if I'll ever see him again but he said he's usual chills at the lounge/bar like every other day...probably will go on Friday...lets see where life takes me!

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