Questions About An Aquarius Man In Love ?

1. Can a aquarius man and cancer woman who both have strong feelings for each other still remain friends ? 2. Do aqua
"let the good times roll "

1. Can a aquarius man and cancer woman who both have strong feelings for each other still remain friends ?

2. Do aquarius men really hide there feelings if they really like or love someone ?

3. Do aquarius men sleep around alot ?

4. If an aquarius man say's he is in love with you will he mean it or is he the type of guy that falls in love easy ?

5. Are aquarius men really that independent as they say they are ?
Im an aqua as well and Id run if i were you....please date others and dont take him too seriously until the time is right. And you wil know.

The last Aqua i tried to date was a hell of a playboy...he told me he loved me all the time, but most of the men i date tell me that. Hell I've met soooo many mothers its freaking crazy!! Anywho Aqua men are very independent and they have soo much pride its crazy. You may have better luck if yours is mature, if not then please guard your heart!! I was sad and lonely for the majority of the winter/spring because of trying to work things out with my aqua beau. The men do wan you to "prove" your love for them...hell im the same way!! Oh well

And I tried to date a cancer man and it didnt work....I rarely even meet cancer men nowadays. I wish you the best, just know that you should be weary of showing any emotional weakness around the aqua man...he may run. Even if hes the reason your sad, unhappy, or whatever.
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"2. Do aquarius men really hide there feelings if they really like or love someone?

Yes. The more distant he is, the more he is into you."

-----> Ok. . .so, question. . . what exactly qualifies as being "distant"? Is there a difference between being "distant" and being "aloof"? Let's say, for example, that an Aqua calls you every day, four to five times a day, and then you don't hear from him for a few days. Is this an expample of "distance"? Or "aloofness"? Or just a random "I'm busy, no big deal"? And then when you do hear from the Aqua again - everything is just as normal as it was before, maybe even more a little affectionate before. . . ? What's THAT all about? (frankly, I was totally ok with not talking to him for a few days, I kinda needed a break. He went from calling often, but not THAT often, which I liked, to calling ALOT, and I got used to it to the point that when he suddenly didn't call for a while that I was like, "What? He's not calling all of a sudden? But, this is cool cuz I kinda need to re-charge anyway.")

Any Aqua input here. . . ?

I never ever want that space they talk abot Pisces wanting!!!
Im a weirdo.

Aquas are cool...
I was with one on and off for five years.
He was constantly distant! Disapear for a few days.
Usually when he wasn't happy with the relationship but it didnt mean he wanted out!

Found him honest about sayin the love thing. He only said it like 4 times in five years.

Dunno about hiding his feelings/ can cancer woman aqua men still stay friends... Mine rarely told me his feelings other den completely breakin down one time abotu his mom...

dunno abotu the stayin friends thing think it depends...
cos mine is able to be friends with all his other exes except me. I can only assume this is because he still has some sort of feelings because were offically on good terms I would never/have never doen anything to hurt said Aqua and I'm always trying to reach out the Olive branch but nothing......
Could be dat he hates me for no reason all of a sudden (which is not very Aqua) but I reckon it's dat uncomfortableness with his remaining feelings...

would like views on that myself actually

yes aqua men are that independant AND MORE
Give him all the space he wants even though you'll probably feel neglected and unloved. Fact he's with you shows he cares

I dunno Aqua men are confusing and mysterious and that is why we love them....
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2. Do aquarius men really hide there feelings if they really like or love someone?

Yes. The more distant he is, the more he is into you. Unless he is pissed off at you. It's weird. If we like you we ignore you, and if we're pissed off at you we ignore you. Come to think of it, that is frustrating. Use your own judgement.

lol agree also. Actually in some cases I know that they will even act like they don't even LIKE you, as opposed to acting distant, in an effort to hide how they feel.
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"Aqua God...the only think I would replace in your post above would me "Use your telepathic skills or develop them."

Hahaha, very true. These guys are usually really hard to work out, and are not the easiest to just come out and simply "ask" because if they feel they are being questioned (read: interrogated )'s not pretty.
" "
"What are the SIGNS?"

One sign that I can think of is if he shows up to your work/home/school inexplicably. Well, that's what I do anyway.
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You make a good point HLG.

The only thing I noticed from my experience was that despite how he appeared on the surface, if I was ever in need of any help (especially of a practical sort, like I'm having a problem with my PC or something) he would be the FIRST person to offer. In a very nonchalant way right enough lol.
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If he is really interested he will express it at some point, he's just unlikely to "woo" you in the same way as other men.

Expect the unexpected with these guys.
"let the good times roll "
Aquarius_God & everyone else

Me being a cancer I never really dated an aqua man. This guy that Im talking to right now who is an aqua is so confusing. Im so drawn to him I guess because he's not like any other men I have ever met. He's a mystery and I love that about him. But we been talking for about 2 and half months, and I really feel like this whole thing with him is back and forth. I really don't trust him at all. because the first two weeks we started talking, everything was perfect. Then out of no where he tells me he likes my own cousin, which was a shock and I did not see it coming. Then a few days after it happened he tryed to tell me he was sorry and he only said it because he was drunk, and he said he was insecure and that he's never met a girl who was so "perfect" like me. We would always say we should date, ect ect, but I never really wanted to because I cant trust if hes going to say hurtful things again.

Now we been talking for 2 months and we go back and forth. were not even dating. and the reason is because i don't trust him, and everytime we fight about something, he says things like he never liked me in the first place, and trys to make it seem like Im the one who wants him ect ect. But then after a few days he always comes back to me, giving me long speeches on how he never ment to hurt me or say those things. And then he finally told me he was in love with me. Part of me believes it then part of me does not.

Then last night we both ended up going to the same party. I was really excited because we actually been talking getting long great. And then I go this party and he doesn't even say a word to me. I tired to ask him questions and just talk but he would give me short answers and not even look me in the face. Like the whole ""Yes. The more distant he is, the more he is into you." is so hard for me to believe. Do you think that is it ? I don't want to question him today about what happened last night cause im sure hes going to think nothing is wrong, and then he will probly get mad at me for even asking. But how am I going to know if a man who say's hes in love with me, and opens up to me so much, but then will just have odd moments when he is around me and not even speak to me ???

Its like how to I even know how he really feels for me ? I would think if you love someone and like someone who much, after you been past playing hard to get or first start talking, now he would start to show something.
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"It's like you know me"

lol I just know Aqua guys inside out, I seem to attract them and vice versa. Besides, I have both Mercury & Mars in Aqua, so I know how you guys think hehe.
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Oh, and I see you have a Gemini moon same as me.
female from USA
*sun in cancer* moon in leo mercury in leo venus in
mackitty...i hate to say it but you are a cancer and you will never "get it" will never understad his ways/behavior. just accept and respect it if you want to pursue anything further with him...don't question it...just be ok with it.

this is coming from a cancer who has dated an aqua for 4 yrs. now...
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