Is Aquarius man testing in love?

By onit23January 20, 2019 6:50pm — 7 replies

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i ve been seeing an aquarius guy for a couple of weeks we have been casual but on the first date made out - hardcore and then met up causally his place or his work a couple of times since last time i visited him at work last thursday where he introd
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i ve been seeing this aquarius man moon sag mercury cap mars libra venus aqua for about 3 months and i m confused af i feel like there s no consistency and maybe he s just stringing me along he only texts me every 2 weeks and we go out maybe once
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hey so to try and make this short and sweet i m a leo aug 6 and he s an aquarius jan 24th we ve been close friends since high school about 9 years we ve started having a sexual relationship but still remaining friends we spend every day together h
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this guy really confuses me -he says he likes me to all of his friends -all of his friends claim that he likes me -he shows subtle body language signs of liking me -he is constantly staring at me -he is always at my rescue he is constantly defe
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heeeeeey yall so as you know aquarius men arent too keen on flat out saying how they feel was wondering if anyone could help me interpret something my aquarius guy and i were having a convo about our relationship and he says im a person thatll
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thinking outloud here based on my experience lol its like subconsciously they need to make sure their girl follows all the rules or expectations whatever they may be while he marches to the beat of his own drum he makes his own rules
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im libra and i think i have an aquarius man dating me at the moment he is pretty honest n open about his feeling even right after we spent time together for first time he said he really liked me he texted me daily n checking me out he said hes been think
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hi i a leo woman with an aquarius moon i met this aquarius man with moon in capricorn online and we hit it off instantly i asked him out and he agreed the date went super well it lasted like 4 hours where he prolonged it and everything and trie
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we are both mars in virgo venus in pisces and moon in gemini his sun sign is aquarius his mercury is aquarius and his jupiter and saturn is virgo he also has scorpio in uranus and neptune is sagittarius my sun is pisces im a female btw my mercu