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  • I have a Gemini ascendant and I really really identify with Gemini characteristics: friendly, outgoing, easy to talk to, sometimes long winded. But I've also seen that so many people strongly dislike Gemini and I'm curious about why. Brutal honesty is app
  • ...who told me ‘at least you will know I’ll protect you’... Shitload of positive isn’t it? Lol Sleeping next to him is a torture. Looking at him is a blessing. Listening to him is fun. Every movie we are watching...he never let my hand out of his.
  • How to Pray

    A Simple Guide for Normal People
  • Hi everyone! I am new here and have a question that I hope someone more versed in Aries men could answer! I'll keep it super short if you need more back story just ask! I met this Aries man (we are both rideshare drivers... He's lyft I am Uber) I being a
  • Well...I would be darn if I could ever imagine to survive to the one year Anniversary with my man! We’ve met at the bad point in our lives. He was fighting his custody battle for his child. I was a total mess in my marriage and broken heart. We’ve met
  • I’ve once asked why doesn’t he seems care about my past and never questioning me about. He said past doesn’t matter. Future is. So I thought fine. I didn’t really wanted to awaken this subject. I am also do not want to past jump up in my face at any point
  • Ok! Your chart is nuts!!! We’ve meant to be together...fuck the ring...lets just do without. I can’t stand those squeezing not dangling shit...(see, there is saving already👍) Ok. Now you MUST tell me WTF is wrong with you men? What’s Aries secret and ho
  • Can someone please read this for me? Anything you can...thanks
  • After reading me and him on I’ve decided to be an Angel. It said we are Devil or Angels together and it’s our choice... So I’ve been an Angel since woman ever!!! Not a one shit - totally happy! But...urghhhh...I want to s
  • ...well...I was dismissing the knowledge. And apparently 10 months of no drama was too much for me! Of course you can blame me but I can’t...I am a Gemini after all...🤷‍♀️
  • What if everything you read that describing 2 signs rships is totally opposite?
  • Today we had official argument and I was scared shitless...he sent me these texts: I am done with answering to people... I'm not just worried about you being a control freak. I will be never be controlled and I am not going to wait for you to blow a gas
  • I am also feeling like whining and be annoying and it’s probably a fool moon whatever... Lately as always I don’t have complains about my rs but because he is younger (don’t tell me please he chosen ME...I know and I am still hating it) and I am feeling i
  • Any aries dated a gemini. How did you start dating? What is aries like in the beginning of a relationship. He says all this mooshy stuff to me but i think he says it to all the girls lol. He's Aries sun Sag moon and I'm Gem sun and Aqua moon.
  • I have been dating this Aries man for 3 months, we have been exclusive for a month now and he is now asking me to move in. We both are homeowners so this is not something I am quickly considering. I told him we should give the relationship a year before