Aries Men

  • So I had a “what are we talk” with my Aries guy last week. He let me know that though he likes me, but he’s seeing other people and we’re just chillin. I let him know that if that’s the case, we should just reach out to each other when we want to have sex
  • What should someone who wants to date you/pursue a relationship with you know? Currently fwb with Aries Man but he calls/FaceTime me often we go out on dates etc. I️ can tell he likes me ( reaches out, is very affectionate when I️ see him, has talk
  • How the treetrunk does this work?! I’m pretty sure he likes me but how do I kno for sure? How does this guy decide to become “serious”? Is he the type to try to play it cool even though he’s really feeling you? No one ever talks about the Aries Man so I wa
  • I broke it off with my Aries man (chased me 6 months, first long-term-relationship) after 1.5y together and 2 years dating alltogether. What bothers me is he went silent and is avoiding me. He pretends we don't know eachother. I'm confused. I hoped to sta
  • Let me make this as short and sweet as possible and maybe someone can give me some insight lol. This is the first Aries man I've ever dated. So far what I'm realizing is he's such a gentleman and thoughtful. Here is where I am confused....he told me "he t
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