Aries Men

  • I'm asking for my Libra friend x Tell me everything 😁 TIA.
  • Any opinions on Aries man and Scorpio woman relationship success? Thanks for sharing :)
  • Last night Aries and I talked about rs. And I’ve asked what is he to me considering we’ve been together inseparable for over 6 months...he said...BFF...and seeing my apparently not happy face he explained...BFF means BF Forever. So guys BFF no more is fri
  • I just found out that I’ve made mistake on aries chart Sun 8° Aries 05' Moon 5° Aquarius not Aries Mercury 14° Pisces 58' Venus 16° Pisces 12' Mars 0° Aries...don’t remember what it was Jupiter 26° Leo 44' Saturn 14° Aries 28' Uranus 26° Virgo 45
  • I suspect my messages became visible because ive got tons of notifications. Ok. Let’s try. Divorce with my Cap is in a full blow and he is trying to hurt me financially but my Aries is helping by being a good man. Spent 3 days of Valentines together.
  • For those who have nerves not to follow my love life I will repeat. I am with Aries since 10/3 and he had not missed one morning to wake me up with (Internet) flowers and funny messages, and he keeps in touch in any way possible during the day... He alre