Aries Men

  • Aries man gone silent but still FB friend???

    So I've been online friends with Aries male for about 3 years now. We have a mutual friend. Aries and I communicated often over the years solely thru social media and phone calls (we live in two different states). 3 years back we both were going thru a di
  • Aries man

    If you've tried to ignore Aries to get him back after being to clingy, did it work? And if so how long did it take before he finally came back around?
  • Reunited with an Aries man

    Hi everyone! I am in need of some guidance here regarding this Aries man. Here is a little background, I met Aries (we'll just call him that) late 2013 while he was in a student program where he had to go to different doctor's office and shadow the
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