Aries Men

  • Relationship with Aries man has taken flight (together 6 weeks) and it's gotten serious fast (still have not had sex with him though.) But the make out sessions...OMG...if that is any indication of what we'll be like together...sign me up! I met his fa
  • I spent a night with one recently. He had a good time ( I thought ? ) we ended up sleeping together. Through out texting in the past weeks he mentioned he's not into casual sex. But after being out all night he invited me back to his place he walked u
  • Firstly, please no smart ass/ mean comments. So I’ve been dealing with this Aries man on and off for 9 months ( I cut him off for 6 months). For the last two months, we’ve been hanging out, talking on the phone almost every day. I had a situation the
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