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Have any other Aries woman had any luck with Capricorn male? I am an Aries female currently crazy about a capricorn male
Have any other Aries woman had any luck with Capricorn male? I am an Aries female currently crazy about a capricorn male. The problem is that I normally do not get along with Capricorn males. My ex husband was a capricorn and we were married for 3 1/2 yrs. We had great sex but our personality clashed. My new capricorn male and I have been friends for 6 weeks and I like him alot. We have not had sex but have a strong attraction to each other. My problem is that he disappears. He and I will hang one day and then I will not hear from him or see him for about 1 text or calling. He will then re appear and act as though he's been around the whole time? I heard that capricorn men does this "disappearing" act often but this drives me crazy. I don't know how to deal or proceed with this. He says he is not married but is very private about his life. He says he likes me but I can't tell. Have any one else experienced anything like this before with a capricorn male?
40 years old male from IL, USA
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we aries do that to :-)
maybe not as much but we still do,
one of mine close friends is a capp, and he annoys the butter out of me sometimes, he will never admit to being wrong, he will go down fighting and throwing fists before he says he was wrong, even when its obvious...and has an unhealthy tendencies to self destruct, drugs, alcohol, way too fast driving , starting fights with anyone and everyone on the dime, hes a good friend but very difficult to hang with
40 years old male from IL, USA
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he took me for a ride once, treetrunker went 180mph + on public highway, treetrunk this, im never riding with him again, he doesnt have the skills to go that fast, car doesnt make you a goo driver, he almost died once, wrecked his BMW in front of me, ended up in intesive care for 3 days, doctors said if it was 1 inch more to the side he be a gonner or vegetable,
oh and yes he does swear a lot! not much class there
How can I tell if he likes me?
No, my ex husband wasn't like that. I guess it is because we dated long distance for 2 months and then immediately moved and got married. So I never dated him; this is my first time actually trying to date a capricorn man. He tells me often how sexually attracted he is to me. I know he wants to make love to me and so do I; my fear is that he will disappear afterwards and I will act a fool.
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im still dating a capricorn...aries woman here...he does disappear a lot...ive sort of gotten use to it.....he would then call me out the blue asking why havent i call him....told him i was giving him his usual space.....they are great lovers though....he also treats me like a queen when we do get together so he makes up for it.....just dont expect so much so soon...take it slow and have some fun...sounds like youre horny and need some loving so next time you are together give him some........
Cap males, i find them highly amusing and ridiculously addictive. Havent dated any personally, but i'd say they're flirty nature is insane. I got really upset when my cap buddy finally got a gf, but lucky for me our friendship stayed the same. i've seen them do the disappearing act, i say hey just forget he exists to and reappear when you like, it'll keep them guessing. plus its better when the cap gets addicted to you rather then vice versa, you'll make urself happier that way. just learn self control and do your aries free flying thing and you'll be fine.
Thanks for all of the feedback. He finally reappeared last sunday, 3/23 and I gave him a was good. I have received emails/text from him on mon/tues stating how busy he is and wants to see me; however, I haven't seen him yet. I am horny and wants to do it again. I am getting impatient and thinking about blowing him off.

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