Aries Man + Capricorn Woman??????

Ok...I'm new here everyone...but here goes. =)

I am a 14 year old Capricorn girl, and i just broke up with a 15 year old aries guy....we went out for about two weeks (we have SOOOO much in common and have SOOOO much fun together, and he was ALWAYS so romantic -- also, he's had about 8 relationships in his life, all under 3 weeks long), and then one day he just broke up with me when we were having a conversation about sex in our relationship (i didnt want to do it, he did, and we were planning to stay together for a long time, i was worried -- he had began the relationship talking about a life and kids and marriage and everything, and then he flipped!!!) and he brought up that "we felt too much like best friends", so then i asked him what he wanted to do, and wasnt sure, but we ended up breaking up because of him. I wasn't sure why we had broken up, so I called and asked him "Why did we break up", and he was like "Uh...nothing?" and after the break-up, he acted like he still liked me and tried to flirt with me and TOUCH me (and made a joke about us having a BABY!), and I got angry, so... (because he had basically broken up with me because of the sex, and i felt disrespected because he acted like nothing ever happened...and then he tried to make me JEALOUS, which just topped it all off) I wrote him a letter the next day that had very harsh words in it (things like..."you think with your little TWO INCH D**K, no wonder your relationships have been so short, you've probably said every thing that you've said to me to some other girl", "you hurt me and i HATE you for that," "you're an A**HOLE," "DONT EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN"....those kinds of things -- i know i wrong). He didn't talk to me that day (and I can understand why), but he still acts like he's very hurt and still cares about me...I haven't said a word to him, he hasnt said a word to me since the letter. I'm so confused because he's the one that wanted to break up... Now he just deleted me off of his myspace and it's winter break, so i wont see him for two weeks...its been two days since i gave him the letter (thursday) and a week since we broke up.

I'm just you think there is still hope? With his behavior, does he still seem to care about me? Do you think he'll get over this easily? Do you think there is hope that he would still want to be friends? Is it common for an Aries guy to come back an apologize even after harsh things have been said (even if he's in the wrong)?
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Stop it ! you're not worth his love. Can't you see that he only wants relationships for sex ??. i mean why would he otherwise had so many relations. Just forget him. The letter was a good way to revenge on his prick behavior. Why do you want to be friends with him when he did this to you ?. He's gonna act that he is the victim and he will keep it that way till YOU apoligice.

My advice is to: just forget and ignore him !.
Hey boyfrommutrecht,

Thanks so much for your reply! I guess I was just hoping that maybe he'd change his thoughts? I do really miss him...we had so much going for us...we were like spiritual twins or something lol...I don't know...does it seem to you that he's been sampling girls or something? Like going from relationship to relationship to see who will do it with him or mess around with him? All of his relationships have been 3 weeks and less....
Wow...thanks kris!!!

You give great advice...

Yeah...I'm really hoping he does come to me because even if we are not together romantically, I would still LOVE to be friends with him because he's a fun, adventurous person, and so am yeah...thanks!!! =)
Do you guys think I should have written a softer letter? Maybe I was too harsh...I felt so evil after I gave it to him
Yeah...I told him I wanted to take it slow during our relationship the last time...but did he listen? NO....uggghhhh....

Well yeah...thanks so much Kris...this is helping me to get past this matter mentally at least...thanks ^_^
Yeah...I will most definetly stay away from him and keep quiet...see what happens.
Oh, no, jackdoniel, that's great. I'm looking for all types of advice.

For me, I do not let people define who I am or change who I am. I do not let people influence me unless I see that something they have said, suggested, or done can somehow benefit me or teach me a valuable lesson. I can have personal growth and listen to myself while also maintaining a relationship with a guy I like. Right now, I actually AM concentrating on myself -- I play the piano, I've been doing research on my dreams (I want to go to college, maybe have a major in Dietetics or go to Harvard Medical School, maybe a an orthodontist, I want to become a Vegan by the time I'm 20 {lacto-ovo right now}, and somehow, someway soon -- want to become famous.), and I'm going to get into modeling this summer because I've always been interested in it. I'm learning about myself and my interests as I go. For me right now, a romantic relationship is merely a friendship, more in the context of "best friends," where you can also be intimate and romantic with one another, get to know each other inside and out, and share special moments with someone special. I want a long-term relationship. Although I am young, I believe it is okay for young people to experience the ups and downs of romantic relationships every now and then. It helps you to grow, really -- you can see what you want in a relationship, what you want in a mate, and how to handle and deal with a relationship -- how to act when you're in one. I think having relationships at this age is healthy because you can learn alot about yourself through another special person, and you will be more ready for future commitment to relationships than someone who didn't have any relationships like that when they were younger (although this is not always the case).

The only reason I am dwelling on him is because I am upset...our friendship started off so great...we do have alot in common, and we just blend. It's like we've known each other forever. Even my MOTHER tells me that we just "look right" together -- not our appearance, but something about our auras that blends. I guess he's just too immature right now to know what a real relationship is if he thinks it's NOT supposed to be based on friendship first, but I am greatly disappointed because I know how much we could have experienced with each other, how many things we could have accomplished, and how we could have helped each other to grow -- if only he was ready for a relationship like that.
And, as for the letter, I felt it important for me to express how I felt after all that happened. If I didn't get out what I needed to say, it would absolutely positively EAT me alive, LITERALLY. I HAVE to let people know how I feel or I will constantly obsess over the situation later and regret that I didn't say what I needed to say when it happened. So I don't think it was a waste of time at all -- it might have scarred his ego, but maybe in the long run, one day, if he really takes the time to examine it, maybe he'll realize what he's doing -- just looking for sex in relationships (which he doesn't think he is -- he's always saying that people think he's a player, and it insults him) and might try to change. Even if he doesn't, it's not my problem. If he's not the right person, he's not the right person. If he is the right person, he just is and something will happen to enable us to get back together. I can't worry -- I just have to trust that God will take care of it.

Thank you so much, you guys, for helping me with this... =)
Hi, christiansoldier92! I just wanted to give you some encouragement about the Aries male/Capricorn female pairing. I am a Cap girl who has been in love with an Aries for 15 years, half my life. We dated in high school, when we were 15, and I broke up with him after about a month, mostly because I was flighty and infatuated with an older guy who ended up being wrong for me (he also was an Aries, like all of my serious relationships). I dated that older guy for 10 years, and then the day after we got engaged, my lovely aggressive Aries stepped in and said, "Don't get married - I've always been in love with you." After about six months, I broke my engagement and finally ended that relationship, then met him at home the next Christmas and had a thrilling fling that ended abruptly when he informed me that he had neglected to mention that he himself was dating someone long-term at the time (and that's your Aries: impetuous and maybe a little selfish, wanting what he wants RIGHT NOW - so the sex pressure in your case makes sense). We kept in intermittent touch for about four years after that, during which time either he or I was dating someone, so it never seemed to work out. Finally, after a couple of very physical trysts (they weren't really dates, even - he was obviously physically attracted to me, as I was to him), I told him that I knew myself well enough to understand that I could not continue to have a fling with him - I wanted more, and to engage in a short-term, physical relationship like that would kill me. I didn't hear from him for a while after that, and I concluded that that was finally it.

When he called me two months later, he said that he had thought about what I said, and he wanted to try things for real. I didn't believe him because I thought it was probably another case of his impulsive enthusiasm, and that it would fade in time. But it didn't. I made him keep in touch with me for four weeks on the phone, and then I agreed to drive to visit him in the city where he lives. We've now been dating (finally!) for two-plus years, and everything you said about your ex could be said about this relationship: I feel he's my soul-mate, and he has everything I admire and don't necessarily have myself. He's adventurous, courageous, and assertive. I think he admires my patience and steadiness. It is very difficult at times because we are so different, but I cannot imagine my life without him. It feels fated.
I realize that was a VERRRRY long comment - sorry. I guess what I was trying to get at was that it took him and me a long time and a very winding path to finally be together, and we both had to date other people and learn many, many lessons before we were ready for it. However, it's also true that the seed of it all was planted when we were both very young - but at the time, neither of us was mature enough to really try things. Frankly, I'm very happy that I don't have to "learn" on him - that I did all my amateur relationship "practicing" on other guys who ended up being jerks, and now he can enjoy the fruits of my knowledge and I his. In my experience, Aries and Capricorn are a really good match - but maybe only for the very long-term, and only if you have the patience to wait for you both to figure yourselves out. People change a lot, sometimes dramatically, from their teens to the end of their twenties. If you feel connected to this guy, maybe keep it in the back of your mind? And in the meantime, as another poster advised, continue to live your life and figure out what you do and don't want. If he's a good friend, then that's saying something. I used to write to my love even when we weren't speaking, and they were letters that I knew I'd never send - I just wanted to talk to him because I felt this weird and inexorable connection. At any rate, good luck! I hope it works out. And take care of yourself - it sounds like you handled the breakup very genuinely, and that's admirable.
Wow mae-mae!!!! Thank you so much for sharing that with me!!! Haha...your aries sounds just like my ex...maybe there's hope yet =)
well,i'm an aries and i just wanna say:do not say we are easy if you can't capture our hearts. my fiancee is capricorn and i love her so much. we both learned a lot from each other. now i'm getting married with her and i'm so happy that i can marry such an excellent girl like her. i feel blissful. if an aries man loves you from the bottom of his heart,he would be 100% into you and willing to do everything for you with all his passion,although there would be arguments sometimes because both of you would be sorta dominant. cherishing your love is the most important thing and you two must believe that a loyal love will last forever.
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Posted by christiansoldier92
Ok...I'm new here everyone...but here goes. =)

I am a 14 year old Capricorn girl, and i just broke up with a 15 year old aries guy....we went out for about two weeks (we have SOOOO much in common and have SOOOO much fun together, and he was ALWAYS so romantic -- also, he's had about 8 relationships in his life, all under 3 weeks long)

8 relationships and he's only 15!? talk about a man just like me!!! run, run away!!!
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for real. teens are idiots. i remember back in high school everybody acted like it was the highlight of their lives lol
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