Aries and Narcissism

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"Dialogues: Man: Sometimes competition exhausts me and sometimes the tho
Sigmund Freud believed that some narcissism is an essential part of all of us from birth and was the first to use the term in the reference to psychology.

Andrew Morrison claims that, in adults, a reasonable amount of healthy narcissism allows the individual's perception of his needs to be balanced in relation to others

- Wikipedia

Xun, perhaps Aries would love to be right all the time - but is it self-love ? And astrologically, in Aries the Self is trying to identify itself - itz not discovered yet.
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narcissism is more a trait of the opposite sign Libra
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ehhh i've seen WAY more unconfident aries than confident. i think what it is though is that aries always look like they know what's going on (or appear to be in control of the sitch) when really they're just as clueless as the next person.

if we're talking about narcissistic as in vain then yeah, im guilty of making faces at myself in the mirror for hours...but dont tell anyone
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male from India
"Dialogues: Man: Sometimes competition exhausts me and sometimes the tho
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u did not just quote wikipedia, G.

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"Dialogues: Man: Sometimes competition exhausts me and sometimes the tho

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"Dialogues: Man: Sometimes competition exhausts me and sometimes the tho
"lurking hornless rammette strapped in dynamite at your service"

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male from India
"Dialogues: Man: Sometimes competition exhausts me and sometimes the tho
It seems by Ur definition that itz all about "Self" - but what happens when this "Self" is all over the place ? Self is more magnificent in Leo or say Libra - so arent they supposed to be more narcissistic ?
really xun2, you really must stop with the compliments ! I'm blushing just a tad bit
"""Follow Your Bliss"" ~Joseph Campbell When you find someone without a si
My thoughts are that most of us are not used to feeling good about ourselves because we have been told that it is selfish...but it isn't. As spiritual beings, it is healthy and very important to be joyful in our accomplishments and successess. Same goes with loving thy self. For if we do not learn how or know how to love ourselves we cannot possibly love someone else. *We can only share what we have to give.

Dr. Feelgood
"""Follow Your Bliss"" ~Joseph Campbell When you find someone without a si
Hi Z! ....what's been shakin' besides your pom-poms lately???????
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