How are Aries after break-ups?

Hello my Aries friends...I have a quick question for you.

My story is this, I've been dating an Aqua girl who has Venus in Aries (in other words she loves like Aries do).
We broke up a week or two ago...mainly her decision because "she wasn't sure that she could give me the time I needed"

We live in two different cities but only 2 hours away from each other.

Ever since the break-up we've been e-mailing each other and she has called me often...she still asks me questions and for what I know she's not interested in anyone else (of couse that's what she says).

She's still very protective with me (i.e. I had to cancel a trip with a girl she doesn't like (the girl is just a friend but has liked me for a while) bc I was afraid to lose any chances to get back with my aqua/aries girl).

She knows I'm NOT interested in being only friends right now. So I told her to please not misslead me and to consider my feelings as we keep in touch, bc I'm not doing it to become friends...she heard that and she said she would be always honest with me (whatever that means).

So, we've been talking on the phone about random things, our lives, etc...but we had a little argument 4 days ago (I haven't answered her calls ever since then) because she doesn't seem to make any effort to come see me...or for me to go see her...

Ever since we broke up, weeks ago, all I want is to be able to see her and be near her talk and make things work...and I know she still cares...and I try to play it cool and not bring up the subject at all...but she knows I want to see her...and all she says is "maybe this Sunday"...and I'm always the one asking "when we would meet again"...

She has this careless attitude that confuses me, because then at times, she flirts with me and tells me she can't wait to meet my family...and she texts me when she works...using endearing words...

I'm so confused right now.

I haven't answer any of her calls for 2 days now, because I don't know what to do...I don't know much about the Aries sign at all...and that is supposedly how she loves when she if any of you could give me some inputs about what is good to do after a break-up and if you think there is still hope...would be great.

I don't want to ignore for too long, but I want her to realize things a bit too. I feel like I've made things always so easy for her...but how much without contact is too much? Would I lose her or would that help her to miss me?
hi id just like to say - ur gals an aqua, NOT aries! her characteristics will be more aquarius , more so then any other sign that is there in her natal chart.

The suns influence is always more than other planets.if u do want to get into the details then check her moon and rising sign ; they influnce quite a bit
female from Germany
Sun: Aries Rising: Capricorn Moon: Pisces Jupiter: Aquarius Saturn: Ge
no matter what her sign is, but to me it sounds like she's playing with you. don't give so much about what she says or writes, her actions are what is important. and her actions so far have been...nothing. she doesn't make an effort to see you, she doesn't make an effort to take your relationship to the next level. i don't want to be the devils advocate, but i think your chances to get her to be more serious about your relationship are slim to none.
ingo - i know she's aqua, but her Venus planet is in Aries, which for what I understand represents how she loves or she acts when she's interested in someone. I've heard the moon represent how you feel once you stay in a long-term that's why I asked here, because her Venus/love planet is in Aries...but I'll keep on checking the other boards too.

tupeline - thank you so much for your comments!
yeah, you are right about words vs. actions...and even her words are so vague right now.
i have decided that it is in my hands to take actions too, so i won't contact her back until at least a week has passed by...maybe by then i'll feel better and talk to her, i'm sure by then she may dislike me, bc she gets mad when she doesn't get what she that has been always my lose her....but i deserve to take some time off think because even though i'll continue missing her maybe i'll realize i'm also done with the relationship...who knows...

all i know is that i need some time, at least close to a week to know how i feel and what i am or i am not willing to do anymore.

i'm just kind of exhausted and very dissapointed at the way she's taking for granted our 1 year relationship right now...there are so many the distance and her work hours...but for goodness sake, if AT LEAST she would at least show the same desire to see work something out a bit harder...


anyways, thank you so much tupeline. i'll take yoru words with me and keep you posted =)
female from Germany
Sun: Aries Rising: Capricorn Moon: Pisces Jupiter: Aquarius Saturn: Ge
" i'll take yoru words with me and keep you posted =)"

aww, thank you. and please keep me posted. i hope i'm wrong and everything will turn out fine for you both
AriesloveVirgo -
I'll remember the unsexy part lol
Yeah, I stated my point of view, that's why I'm kinda bothered that she keeps on leading me on right now, if truly she only wants to be friends, because I clearly said to her to not contact me if that was the case...
So unless she didn't hear that well (and I'm pretty sure she did) then I don't see why she would be calling and talking everyday unless she wanted to get back or at least see where this is going, but unlike me, she doesn't come with a in return I feel like she's not making any efforts.

But I'll remember what you shared...thank you. I'm just also very unsure that I'm up for another round with my aqua right now, even if she would say yes...
I don't know.

Virgos try and try when they love, but we also have our limits...and so I'm getting there...if not there we'll have to wait and see what unfolds this week...


Thanks for your comments too.
I only cry once every five years I think, lol, but I defenitely feel things deep inside.
I do agree with life being too short though, I just posted something somewhere mentioning that just a second ago.

I think the only way for me sort out my feelings is by stepping back a look from the outside what all this is all about...
But once I do realize a bit more, I'll hopefully move in the right direction to keep living my life with or without her...
Part of me, really missed her, we'll have to see...

female from Germany
Sun: Aries Rising: Capricorn Moon: Pisces Jupiter: Aquarius Saturn: Ge
"i'm sure by then she may dislike me, bc she gets mad when she doesn't get what she wants..."
oh dear, sounds like an aries to me lol
female from Germany
Sun: Aries Rising: Capricorn Moon: Pisces Jupiter: Aquarius Saturn: Ge
"I don't see that your ready to let go"
that's the impression i have.
go to

They focus a lot on venus signs, they apparently think its more important than the sun.

"Usually, I think we cry for a few days, curse you out, and then move on and never talk or think about you again. Life's too short."

that aptly summarises the aries character. beautifully put!


i dont quite agree with what u said "I've seen that it's very rare for an Aries to be freinds with an X, unless he/she is the one that broke em down and put them in the corner in the first place"

from my experience i have found that all the arians i know have always been friends with ex's. After all the cursing and crying is over , then i think friendship is back. But theres NO romance there! generally i dont think we ever rekindle feelings with our ex's.


loved what u wrote. Actions are what count. And virgowithlittlelibra (whew) tupelines absolutely right here, think about the astrological aspect later, first look at it practically.

AVL, ingo, and tupeline...

You all are great!

Btw, the girl I'm talking about is aqua but with a Venus in Aries. I'm a Virgo with a Venus in Libra.

Venus is the planet that show us "how we love" or "want to be loved" supposedly.

I don't know how "Aries" love, so I'll do some further investigation...but feel free to share any thought if you would like. How do you guys love?

As far as my situation with my aqua confusing.
You all are right about me not being ready to let go, maybe I am a little more than before...and it is also so true about ME being the one who wanted all or nothing at least for a while.

I just didn't want to jump into the "friendship" boat too soon after we broke up, bc then I thought I'd have no hope to get back w her you know...

The only reason why I kept on talking with her was, bc I thought after I said what I said, her calling back meant...that she wanted to get back with me.

Because I said clearly "please don't call me if you only wanna be friends, I can't do that right now, maybe after a while, but that is not how I see you right now"...and then she said okay...

Next I knew, she was calling me, so how would you take that?

So in between those calls she would call me baby and she used to when we were together.

However, she kept on asking me if such and such knew we broke up...meaning, she kept on bringing the fact that we weren't I was like..."hmmm"...and then when I tried to talk her into seeing me...she would make any efforts to set a I'm REALLY REALLY confused about what we are or are not.

I know we have broken up...but I don't know what she's trying to do. Either fool me into being her friend little by little (bc she clearly said she doesn't want me out of her life one day) or if she's trying to get back with me, but she's taking her time...bc maybe that's how she does it?

I don't know if I should be blunt at her and ask her...or I should wait until she's ready to meet? I just don't want to be played...but I do still have some little hope for us...I miss her...

If it would all come to moving on though, I would, I guess I just want to feel like I tried and did everything I could...
I hav venus in Aries and wanna agree with a statement that someone made, I hate it if I cant have something that I thot was mine. And if I have feelings for my ex, I wouldnt be happy just being frens with them. Instead I would try and find out if they are still into me after the break up and things like that. But mostly people who I am done with, I am done with.

I think astrology or no astrology, You should just call her and meet up or something and tell her clearly what u feel about the two of u. There can be a lot of confusion and senseless mind games with the kind of situation u are in. Like u are on these boards, she may be soemwhere else asking ppl advice. So I would say, speak clearly and end the heart ache.

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