How to reject an Aries gently?

I have recently met an Aries man who has come on waaay to strong, so much so that it made me uncomfortable, and I am com
33 years old female from Melbourne, Australia
"... 29yo, Aries sun with a Gemini Asc, Venus & Moon. And add in a bit of
I have recently met an Aries man who has come on waaay to strong, so much so that it made me uncomfortable, and I am completely uninterested. While he seems like a harmless and nice enough guy, he seems a bit emotionally unstable.

How do you tell an Aries that you're not interested in a way that limits the rejection they feel, and to therefore limit the liklihood of them getting angry?
33 years old female from Melbourne, Australia
"... 29yo, Aries sun with a Gemini Asc, Venus & Moon. And add in a bit of
Hm, maybe just to be honest and direct about it may be the best approach then
Honesty is the best policy..or else he'll keep trying to win you over, he will think it's a challenge
116 years old female from USA
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Just let him know that you don't want to date him
and yes,do be honest but respectful at the same
33 years old female from Melbourne, Australia
"... 29yo, Aries sun with a Gemini Asc, Venus & Moon. And add in a bit of
Done. And all is good
45 years old female from Denver, CO, USA
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Yes is good with an Aries.

I am glad it worked out for you.

female from uk
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aries female here. best thing you could do is give aries a straight honest answer. if you dont, theyl feel like your stringing them along even if your not. they might not like the answer you give, but theyl appreciate your honesty above everything else.

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i bet none of u actually is an aries guy...they r so much "challenge-seeking" that if u actually say no directly to him, he will try to improvise and get better , n be after u with new ( i do it too ) here are 3 sure shot ways to get rid of himself :

1. start showing interest in him...nothing turns off n aries guy more than a girl who shows interest in him...they like the challenge of chasing sum1 n winning if u show interest in him...he'll be put off!!!!!!!

2. let him know thru sum1 tht u hv told ur frenz tht hes after u like crazy n laugh abt it ....he'll actually start hating you

3. let him know u r ignoring him, like whn hes walking towrds u , pretend as if u didnt c him , or whnvr he asks u for smthng, put up an excuse...nothing pisses off an aries more than an arrogant girl...he will nvr come after u

sorry ...its "to get rid of him" nd not "to get rid of himself"
Posted by *Tasha
none of the ones i know have hearts anyway

try me
Posted by LivelyHallow1983
'no thanks'

this is wht called as direct answer

red rose can learn from this im on a mission improvise and win over tasha...
and girls from any sign are welcome tasha
Posted by *Tasha
haha wow

once again: it will never happen. i won't even go near Aries moons anymore that's how bad it is. i'm currently IGNORING my Scorpio sun/Aries moon that i was just dating. what an marker. and u know something - when i met him i just *knew* there was something that reminded me of (the epitome of an aries) that i dated a few years ago! and that was it - was his Aries moon

seriously though: you wouldn't want me. but...i will say i think Aries (and Scorpios) = sexiest signs...there's a compliment

my moon is vrigo...and sun is aries...i think!

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