If an Aries truly loves you, will be come back?

My Aries man and I (Leo female) had an amazing and strong relationship full of love and communication. Lots of talk abou
My Aries man and I (Leo female) had an amazing and strong relationship full of love and communication. Lots of talk about the future and we really had each others back. Then he felt the need for space and to focus on getting his life together because he said he did not feel like a man in the relationship (the house and car were in my name and I made a more steady income than him in the 2 years we were together). We recently officially broke up (I pushed the topic but he ultimately decided it), due to me not wanting to play the guessing game while he was out and about getting his life situated.

He always said he planned on coming home after this and that he still loves and cares about me, but this journey and opportunity that he needs to take has nothing to do with me and is a self path. However, I made it clear to him that it was just too hurtful for me and I still loved him and didn't want to throw away what we got. He told me that I was an amazing woman to him that did everything right but he needed time away.

I'm not contacting him and not planning to, but I just want to know ... if an Aries man loves you, will he return after straying a bit?
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mmmmmmmmm.....to answer your question, my gut instinct says, "if he really loved you he wouldn't have left for his life path journey-to find himself-whatever he called it". Really??? Why couldn't he stay and still found his way, perhaps with your support? Why do it all on his own? Aries thing I suppose. I'm an Aries was married to a Leo for 11 years, WAS, but that's another story. Aries and Leo have big egos and need to understand give and take/compromise. They have to learn is't not always about themselves, it can be about the other too; that it's ok to be 2nd - two people can't always be first.

But then again, I won't argue that it's a strong blow to an Aries ego to be "out earned" by the love of his life, especially for the men.

I don't know your entire story...but I wish you luck.
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I believe so. If he loves you, if what he says is true and most likely it is because he's an Aries, then he will come back to you. You'll always be on his mind despite the space between you. Aries love strong and independent women... so it's only natural he wants to be able to reciprocate the same kind of security for you. He wants to be that somebody that he knows you DESERVE. If he isn't in a position where he can be your "knight in shining armor", it's kind of a blow to their ego, imo..
He is 25 and I am 28.

He was defintely the man of the house and I NEVER made him feel like he was 'lesser' than me, but it was something that he brought up and I know it bothered him that he wasn't all the way stable. I told him I was 3 years older so of course I got a little more of a foothold on my career.

Anyway, he had told me that he I was pretty much the perfect woman to him and it really had nothing to do with me and it was something he needed to do on his own and I had also asked why couldn't he do it here with me and he said that actually my support and etc. actually took away from his sense of urgency and focus.
We have been officially over for 2 days lol so it's fresh, but he started being out and about and not really coming home at night starting about 3 months ago. He would still come home and spend time with me or we'd go out and not really do date stuff, but regular errands and things that needed to get done, but together. it was still good, we laughed, talked, it was flirty and happy. We also talked about what was going on for each of us and he was very reassuring during this time and I felt totally fine giving him this freedom. The about a month ago, the phone call and text/ replies got less and less frequent but he kept saying that it had nothing to do with me and to 'stop tripping' and that this is something for him, but he'd be back and back for good and with a lot more $ $ $ and stability. Of course ... I heard him but didn't digest it and instead of backing off, I blew his phone up with calls and texts and then finally a few nights ago when I saw him for the first time in 2 weeks, I really pushed the issue and he ended it.
Yeah the distance has been. But I honestly in my gut felt TOTALLY fine about the first 2 months or so because he was still so loving and caring and affectionate. When the phonecalls and texts kept getting ignored or replied way late, I went crazy with the phone calls and texts and then confronted him about it pretty aggressively in terms of how it hurt me and it was unfair and I had proposed the idea of taking a break a few times so even though I loved him so much, at least I wasn't driving myself crazy with the not knowing. He refused a break each time until a few nights ago when I really adamantly demanded answers.

I have a general idea of the whereabouts of where he's been staying but no. I do not know for sure.
Something is telling me he will be back. You seem very very strong. Just live your life. He loves you enough to let you go, because he could most likely see what his distant behavior was doing to the bond you both shared. You have to love and respect him for his honesty. Because most men will try to have their cake and eat it to. Only thing I can say if don't put your life on hold for him. If it's meant to be it will be. Just pray and put God first. Have trust in his plan for you, and everything will work out fine.
Thanks, PinkLibra. That really helps a little. =)

I guess I'm just confused because we truly had a very very strong bond and 'us against the world' type mentality and he was usually the one to initiate talk of the future or of me receiving 'the ring' soon if i 'played my cards right' lol But with such a strong and happy relationship, I guess I'm just trying to figure out if an Aries man is in the habit of just throwing something away so easily even if it had really meant something to him. Or if, after having his little freedom romp and space to stray and do him, if they come back to something they truly cared about or does it become, 'the past is the past'.
First thing you should know about Aries, is they are always putting themselves first. Any situation or decision they make, they are always thinking of themselves first how "they" will benefit, then they think about you. This is why to some people they may come off selfish and self-centered, in some instances this is true, but in most it's not. They have every intention of trying to make the best for the one they love, but they will not sacrifice their own true happiness for it. They have to be happy too.

The Aries I love spoke the same thing. He didn't have a job, or car when we first began dating so I got the short end of the stick. When I told him how I felt, he told me it was certainly not his intention to make me feel that way, and that his main focus is getting a job and car so he "can" be the man I need. He said he didn't want to be one of those guys depending on their girl for a ride, or living off of her. His logic is the man provides. Period. Its a good thing if your Aries, told you this. I messed up by constantly pushing despite what he told me. That's why i said have patience, don't stop your life. True love never goes far.
^^ this is true they don't give up. However he was not comfortable in the relationship as the "man" in the relationship. Frankly this has nothing to do with him loving her. This is about him being a caveman thinking that the woman should not be taking care of the man. Period. That's all this is. Certainly, he should still keep in touch just to show good faith and let her know he cares, which I why I say don't put your life on hold. However, I wouldn't say him leaving means he doesn't love you because that's just not the case in my opinion.

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