What to make out of my Aries ex?

last night i was talking to my aries ex boyfriend and he text me you know i have a ridiculously stern set of morals and
last night i was talking to my aries ex boyfriend and he text me "you know i have a ridiculously stern set of morals and high standard for the opposite sex, in order for me to hook up with a girl let alone date one. So rest assured, you are an exquisite young woman, who is also a very good kind hearted female." how should i take this? does he still have feelings for me? im a libra if that helps
39 years old
I am an Aries with a lot of Sagittarius rising/planets influences. I think astr
young woman?

sounds like you are dating someone significantly older.

I usually defend the side of Aries men and women alike but I think I just can't speak about relationships that border on traditional older man with young woman thing. I don't know how to have those type of relationships or how to think about them. So with that, I would say I have no way to understand what to say about your situation.

Are Aries sincere and tell you how they truly feel, the answer is yes.

Also did he randomly send you this text, or do you text each other often? His text sounds like he is replying to a comment you made about you having a tough time finding love.
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
He's basically saying that he's got really high standards & with a hint of arrogance is suggesting that perhaps you meet or exceed his expectations

Doesn't mean he's trying to get back with you or that he's still got feelings for you. Could just simply mean that even after the breakup with you, he still knows how to give credit where it's due

If he still had feelings for you, he'd either tell you straight up or show it in his actions to the point where you'd have no doubt in your mind that he's still on you.

25 years old male from NYC, NY, US
" for the DXPers on my block list: "
lol my libra friend has an eye on me it kinda creeps me out because i used to like her now im scared
25 years old male from NYC, NY, US
" for the DXPers on my block list: "
yeah maybe i wouldnt be creeped out as much if she also did not fall below my standard, she started failing classes, if she wont recover in her school stuff i dont think im starting anything there
"thrill seeking dare devil who loves to live on the edge.... not really, but I
I thought that's what Libra's did - analyze things. And talk. Had one in the office the other day. She could talk underwater with a mouthful of marbles.
I was exhausted just listening to her
Heroic guy, actually he is the same age as me...hes 28. He's an intelligent guy that's why he likes using those big words...And we text each other all the time...He replied after I sent him a pic text message of me in this dress. We are going to my friends wedding on Sat, and I wanted to show him the dress that I will be wearing. After I sent him that pic text, he wrote that. It had nothing to do with me having a tough time finding love!

ImpressMe we've been together for 6 months and have been broken up for 6 months now.

Ummm Bluemoon Libras like to analyze things. Analyzing things especially coming from someone you still care about is important to me! I suggest you stay out of this, loser! Gosh, I can't stand rude people!!!
"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu
LOL@Bluemoon....OMG funny

In all honesty the first thought came to my mind is he's blowing smoke up your ass libragal, this is my own personal boundary which I've developed through counseling countless other women sort through the mess they go through with men...when a man talk in code and leave the woman to analyze every little detail that's a sure sign someone is yanking a woman's chain in some way.

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