Aries' Depression

By onit23July 3, 2018 4:47pm — 22 replies
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never dated one before never thought about it it hasnt been long hes been super consistent with txts talked about a lot of stuff weve had a couple dates sexted some have not done the deed when i ask if he wants to hang out again hes now sayin
My Aries girlfriend says that its immoral to not believe in life after death...Surely not right?
met her the first day of varsity day 1 she was extremely quiet and just shrugged me off when i asked her name day 2 we started talking and weve been inseparable ever since the way she actively pursued me usually without caution made me fall for her l
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2 weeks ago i had a bicycle crash my aries boyfriend was cycling right behind me and when a guy suddenly walked into the street my break was not fast enough to dodge him and i ended up lying on the street half of my body was injured with scratches i
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so it s been over a year since my aries ex ended things with me we were friends after the break up then just went our separate ways and drifted apart i m in a new relationship and so is he but i just realized he has me blocked on social media etc we h
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i so love very hot showers i never came across any others that love showers till i started to meet other aries most of my life been around earth signs and some water signs but some of my aries friends told me they love hot showers so do all aries love
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i asked a question similar to this before but worded it weird so i guess i m just curious what do you look for in a partner you don t have to be aries to answer just like hearing this stuff my ideal partner has to be creative and like to try new
Long live the God of War
i would not trade my aries stellium for anything if i didnt have it i wouldve died a looooong time ago good bad or scary its an unbelievable feeling the raw energy that courses through my veins is almost god-like https i imgur com d4bwyho g
What’s a description of a “perfect” partner for aries?
just curious on what these guys are compatible with what do they look for what traits are good for these guys
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hi guys i got an aries with cap moon roommate who i want to nicely ask if she can do me a favor to move out a month earlier than what we had agreed on this other place shes moving to is vacant so it could be possible i just want to ask her if shed