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Describe an Aries man when in love.
  • SuninLibra
    Taurus moon Gemini Rising
    Describe an Aries man when in love.
  • The Aries men I know who are in love don't cheat on their women. Even the ones who were players before they met her don't cheat. They are loyal as hell and they like to provide for their wife and kids.
  • Smidge
    ASC~cancer | SUN~aries | MOON~virgo
    They'll do anything for you. Anything.
  • meraki
    Not perfect but they ain't either.
    Insane, irrational. Does things he wouldn't normally do
  • Lets chit chat girly things.
  • SuninLibra
    Taurus moon Gemini Rising
    Posted by WolfInRamsClothing
    Lets chit chat girly things.

    Don't quite understand what u mean
  • SuninLibra
    Taurus moon Gemini Rising
    I agree with all of you. An Aries I've known almost died when his girl refused his marriage proposal he kept chasing her even after she said No.
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  • Bélier Amoureux

    Describe an Aries man when in love.
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