So what exactly do you do for fun and adventure?

By ParkourlerJuly 10, 2021 6:54am — 60 replies
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Do Aries men move too fast? If so, should I be worried?
met this aries man almost 2 months ago i just got out of something serious amp terrible so i didnt want to hookup with anyone or get into a relationship so when he tried to kiss me when we hungout for the 2nd time i said no amp pulled away but th
Dunno what to do
alright bear with me trying to make this as short as possible so i had been texting this aries guy for about 3 weeks he was super chill and laidback through text but maybe a bit dry i left him on read once thinking he wasn t as into it but lucky for m
Aries Sun and Your Ascendant
what is your rising sun have you looked up your sun sign rising sun combo on this site https astrologyk com i find this description to be on point https astrologyk com zodiac planets sun aries rising capricorn
Tarot Readings
witchmitcharies i don t know what happened to you but i hope all is well with you i miss your tarot reading videos that you used to post oh and you might want to hit the white privilege thread up
What archetype are you?
hey there is a discussion going about which sign has the most feminine women no offense if we are talking about feminine in the classic sense its not you gals but according to my feminist roommate there are several types of womanhood i guess i dont
Are Aries people normally stuck up?
no offende to aries but i know a few people of this sign who act arrogant i can t speak for all of them my brother is an aries and when we were little he would boss me around now that he s older he s a little bit rude sometimes even to my mom anoth
aries woman (24) and taurus man (22) compatibility?
hi guys not sure if this would be any help but im an aries sun libra moon and virgo rising i m not really dealing with anybody currently but i ve just recently been talking to this taurus man 18th may baby who s 2 years younger than me its all pret
Any ideas for understanding?
this isn t exact as i don t have full info sun aries moon libra mercury aries venus taurus mars gemini jupiter leo saturn aquarius uranus amp neptune capricorn pluto scorpio north node capricorn can you help me out with understanding this please
aries season and i finally fucked
after a celibacy period of 3 years i met an aries woman and were having an affair still figuring out each other but the sex is oh so delicious shes an aries sun libra rising virgo moon pisces mercury cancer mars aries venus im a virgo sun scorpio
Aries ♈️ Season
happy aries season happy happy birthday and solar return to my fellow aries img https i ibb co z8gdvjq 5435436-a-9-fbc-4-b77-b546-181-c83-e2653-f png img img https i ibb co f3hxjyw 141-fe0-fa-e788-4966-b6-df-45-c3632-be425 jpg img img htt