Natal Jupiter in the 10th House ⚡

With natal Jupiter in the 10th house, a native is blessed with the gift of luck in all his career matters. In addition, such a natal aspect is great for one’s public image, as it creates a persona fairly liked by the coworkers, the employees and the masse
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    With natal Jupiter in the 10th house, a native is blessed with the gift of luck in all his career matters. In addition, such a natal aspect is great for one’s public image, as it creates a persona fairly liked by the coworkers, the employees and the masses.

    The 10th house is ruled by Capricorn and Saturn, having as a result the blending of Jupiter’s expansive nature with the thorough strategic abilities that Saturn can provide. Capricorn is usually signifying effort and hard work; yet, the grand benefic’s presence here is giving a more relaxed approach to the native’s career. He can win without trying too hard, as most things based on luck or external parameters will magically have positive outcomes.

    Jupiter in the 10th house signifies a successful father who is a role model for the young native and passes his knowledge and experience through valuable lessons. During the native’s young years, the father may have had a lot of successes, giving to the child reasons to celebrate. The native observes the professional growth of the father, and the pleasure that he sees on his parent’s face becomes a motivation to achieve same things later in his life. In addition, the father has a very good reputation and is widely respected; this later becomes a goal to reach for the child too.

    The individual with such a natal placement will follow the exact same pattern, creating a good reputation and being helped by authority figures to rise in power and prosper. He will be aided both by powerful businessmen and judges and will have a rather good connection with the established religion and its priests. His activities may involve charities through religion or other ways of donating, which will furthermore improve the way that other people perceive him.

    Jupiter in the 10th house gives good abilities of leadership; on the other hand, when such an individual receives a leading position, he might indulge in procrastination. Especially an ill-aspected Jupiter will definitely contribute in capturing a prominent seat in some governmental or private company and then in setting as a goal to work as less as possible. Jupiter in this natal placement can create the Golden Boy stereotype, waiting to cash in monthly checks full of bonuses for actually doing barely anything.

    If the benefic planet is well aspected, then the individual will have excellent business ethics, and his generous and shining character will be just enough for his job. Career opportunities will arise just by his presence and people will strive to pull him into their business, as they feel an inner need to make him involved in their plans. A strong effect on such decisions can make his very good sense of humor blend greatly with serious business conversations and make him highly liked.

    Publicity can be gained easily and by luck, while Jupiter will guarantee that the native is chosen for promotion among many others. The planet functions as a hook hanging from the heavens; even if the person does not target rising high in the structure and hierarchy of the company for which he works, life will still pull him up. Sometimes, this exact fact can even be the reason: the native is not obsessed with rising in higher positions and thus he is picked due to his wisdom and lack of pressure about such matters.

    Another blessing that Jupiter grants when in the tenth house, actually is choosing the career that suits you. A lot of people are forced to follow a different occupation than their dream job, but tenth house Jupiter individuals are not in this category! Keep in mind that such an attitude may take some time to get triggered and the native can actually understand what he really wants to do after his 30th birthday. Until that moment, Jupiter placed there can even grant him a rather relaxed life, as his family usually will have enough money. Instead, the native may travel some years to understand the world, concentrate on long-term studies and receive degrees and diplomas, without rushing to get into the working system.

    If you have Jupiter in the 10th house, there are really few things we can advise you. Just keep in mind not to over-do it with your self-confidence; Jupiter often brings luck but it is the one time he does not, that he will screw you up! It is ok to take some risks sometimes, but if you take some all the times, it is likely that you will fall at least once. But, of course, Jupiter will help you rise again!
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